Mbu's Birthday

3:58:00 PM

Her birthday actually the day before but since she was in getaway with her friend, we finally celebrate her birthday that day.

Its our little habit, surprising each member with a cake. But of course for you...its not enough. Like...everything that we do cant compare to what you do to us. 

Mbu...eversimce im pregnant, my love to you grow bigger. So does my repect and salute. If i could turn back time i really wish i could punch my self to ever think that you dont love me. I know you love me. I can feel it now cause i love my baby even before i see him.

Mbu...im sorry that im not a good daughter but i did my very best. So i wish you know that your daughter is really trying. Bu..i wish i could be a strong mother and wife like you. 

I love you Bu...
And as always, i wish Jannah for you.
Cause thats the only thing that could repay everything you do to me, to this family.

Happy Birthday ! :))

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