Im Engaged !

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December, 26th 2014

Well, i assumed you're already read my last post so i right now i'll directly tell you about the engagement day and everything behind it. 

Lets start with behind the scene.

Ever since he talked to my parents and got their permission, the preparation of our engagement day was started. It was actually set that it'd be held on early December but since they waited for Mas Danang, Mas Ardy's brother, who studied abroad to come home and since i had to go for Military orientation in the middle of December...our engagement day delayed until December 26th. We though its a perfect date cause its a long weekend so they didnt have to took their day off. But, it turn out to be major traffic. 20 hours more from Jogjakarta to Sukabumi ! Geez

At first, its gonna be a simple family gathering. But well, no way mom would cook for all the guest so we used catering service. Lets say its a food tester in a huge amount LOL :p

After doing research and visited some vendors, i found two top catering service in Sukabumi. Its AC Catering and Shafa Catering. (Details will be told in a separated post about wedding vendor). After several consideration, i took Shafa Catering for my engagement day. Turn out to be great ! Food tasted good, complete, came on time, and arranged my garage into a beautiful buffet. 

Next is hotel for Mas Ardy's family. From many choices we chose Arondari Hotel. Well, if you needed Hotel list in Sukabumi i think i had it all. hahaha

The last one is decoration. At the very beginning, its gonna be white chair all over the room but due to the wont be enough so we prepared rugs, many many rugs. But after bought 6 red rugs *actually all the stock the store had* its still not enough to covered the room. cut the budget me and Mom went to Sherly Salon. People said they had an extra large rugs. But it turn out that it only covered half room so...we used two different rugs in the house yo ! :p

I thinks engagement wont be complete without flowers, but since Sukabumi is a small city where the florist only provided hand bouquet or wedding celebration board, i ordered standing flowers and some decoration to that Salon to make the room look nicer. From this salon also we met Pak Adam, an MC that had tons of experience in Sundanese engagement. At this point, i know that its not gonna be a simple family gathering. But well, im only engaged once ! haha

You know, Mas Ardy's family was not into ceremonial or traditional thing like i do- like my family do. Its a different culture which we put respect so much. This took us many many consideration on preparing the engagement day. We dont wanna make them felt that its too much since on Mas Danang engagement day, its only two family meet and talk. So, instead wearing kebaya i wore a dress. Why white? Simply because i love that color so much but i put grey as an accent so that i can pair it with Mas Ardy's shirt. Both are design by me. *so?*

princess wanna be. :D

Okay, who's here who have experienced Military Orientation with KOPASSUS? 
Ten days of sun bathing. Cost me all my  SPD to recover it. All hail LBC with those treatment. My skin looked normal on my engagement day. Such a magic ! Oh, another magic happen that day...suddenly, without diet, i lost 4 pound ! Yay ya yay !

Though im so sure about him, but as the time ticking..i started to freak out. Suddenly so many thing popped up in my head. Until when we're at home..i said this to him "you know..people keep asking me how you purpse. Fact didn't do that so i have nothing to tell". I said that with giggle but then he held my hand..he said something that i wont forget even until now.

"Dek, i know that im not always do right. I make mistakes, im not sensitive, i dont always know what to do. But i try my best, i really want to be a better person ever since i met you. Have i told you before that with you..i feel so sure from the very first time. Dek, i love you so much, and i want to protect you, keeping you save. I want to built a family with you, making a bound that last in this life and after life. So..Raisha Nurul Ichsanti, will you marry me?"

 I just cried. I lost my words. I just cried and hug him tighly.
its not me ! haha
when he purposed
At the afternoon me and Mas Ardy went out for some fresh air and when we're come back..the decoration was all set. My jaws drop. There's a gebyok in the middle of the room ! Its like someone is going to get married there ! Hahahaha But since there's no time to re-arrange, we just left it and giggle everything we stare.

The engagement ceremony started after Dzuhur. I was hidden in the room until the MC ask me out. Turn out that he made joke by sending my sister covered in veil to Mas Ardy. They all laughed since Mas Ardy following the joke with teasing my sister too. Hahaha

Finally, the MC came to my room and took me out- still covered. He asked Mas Ardy whether this is the girl he is going to purpose or not.  After he said yes, he opened the veil and purpose me in front of both family and friend.

After that Mama gave me necklace as a sign that I'm taken. From now on, i'm not allowed to date or to be purposed by any other man. Why necklace? Because actually, my family don't really like the word of engagement which always linked with rings-said that its not our culture, they prefer to say it..Lamaran. But there's no English word for that so i just used engage from the beginning.

Here comes the cultural time !
All my life i never saw a sundanese engagement ceremony until my own engagement. Pak Adam really did a good job, from singing sundanese song, explaining the procession and guide us to do it. For the first time, Ibu and Mama help each other to wear those yellow slayer, its like what they used back then when we're little to hold us. This to show that they're the one who taking care of their children. After that  Ibu and Mama exchange the parcel contained of  foods from our hometown. Continued by Mas Ardy Family giving us kind of 'seserahan' which is food, fruit and snack. 

Pak Adam then teach them to make seureuh. And competing them who made it faster. Actually i was so scared with this procession. I was scared that they will feed me with that ! hahaha 

Thanks God its not happen, they feed us with normal human food, Mama feed me, Ibu feed Mas Ardy. Symbolize that now..they have a new child. Actually its only short ceremony, there's nothing much in sundanese culture about engagement that we can do. After that both family introduce their member. Then then ceremony was closed with praying together.

And of course, we took many many photo at this moment. Thanks to Passion Photo works for helping us freezing the moment. Thank you too for all the vendor that help making this day come true. My engagement day is really worth to remember :)

Mpah, Ibu, newly engaged, Mama and Papa

with Prina and Mas Danang

Last and of course not the least..its the best part of this. Thank you for family and friend who came. It really really means a lot to us. Actually its not only for coming, its for supporting me, for trusting me, guiding me when im lost, listening when i cry..for always be there when i need a friend. I hope i could be a good friend to you like how you do to me.

Now we're one step closer to our goal. Alhamdulillah everything went really well. Now i can book the building and prepare the wedding! hahahaha

You know? Ever since i experience those painful broke up, i pray to God everytime in my salat that i want to get married simply because i dont wanna love someone who's not going be my husband again. My heart is too precious to put on a gambling table again. I pray, pray and pray for direction, for knowing what to do or where to go. 

I guess God answer my prayer with you, Mas. 

I love you.

your fiance.

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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