The Connecting Dots..

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What I really believe in life is that everything is connected. Why we born at midnight, why we be friend with the tallest kid at elementary, why we get that specific job..its doesn’t stand alone, it stand to make one fine scenario of our life.

For so many years, To be exact for twenty four years, I was confused about everything that happen in my life. Why I have to learn living alone when I was 6th grade, why my parents always ask me to be the best at school, why I have to give up my dream to be a teacher, why I met my friends, why I went to STAN and struggle in some subject there, why I have to experience those painful break up(s), why I finally placed to work in Sukabumi. Now, some dots finally make sense, I finally could see the connection between them.


Its February 14th 2010. On the so called Valentine’s day my college held a Heritage Expo. It’s the first huge event that I attend in my college. It shows the beautiful diversity of Indonesia from traditional clothes, food, ornament, music and so on. They even held some cultural pageant which some of my friend competing in it.

And on that very moment, I met him.

At first I didn’t see him when I searched the pageant from Yogyakarta to took a picture with. My friend, Adi Surya, pointing me to him. Ah, he was stand out wearing those traditional clothes. Its green, I remember. I also remember how his friend gather around when me and Titik posing for camera.

Right after we left I said to Titik “Tik, he is so handsome!” and we laughed like a teenager seeing a handsome senior.  It was just like that.  I didn’t know his name, his grade, or anything accept he comes from Yogyakarta. But deep down, I secretly wish I could see him sometimes soon.


But then, some wishes don’t come true. I rarely saw him on my college day. Well maybe three or four times I forget. I only remember I saw him on my friends dorm..waiting for his crying girlfriend and on his girlfriend graduation day. (Yes, I kinda know her :/ ). By time, I know his name and his grade, and everytime i accidentally saw him, it was nothing more than just ‘Oh that handsome senior !’.

One day, I heard a news that he was placed to work at Sukabumi, my hometown. It was like ‘Really? What is he doing here?’ and some days later his girlfriend text me asking where to buy some furniture in Sukabumi. When I ask my mom about that she said “Poor him, placed so far from home. If he needed something you gotta help him”

But it turn out that he was the one who help me. On my fourth semester, I got a final task that need a  Potential Tax Source from my hometown. So I ask his number to his girlfriend (Yes, as the time goes by we knew each other) and went to his office. “Im at cafeteria” He told me on phone as I said I was already there. As im walking, somehow I felt like under-dressed, I was even using my mother’s sandal. And there he was..still handsome, dress formally. Eating his fried rice and staring so cold at me. It was nothing like him I saw before. But he helped me having all the data I needed til I get the straight A.


Life goes on. I graduated. I broke up. I met someone new. 

Then finally the paper that made me did the on job training at KPP Pratama Sukabumi, his office,  was arrived. And it was right when I have to start my quarantine for Mojang Jajaka Jawa Barat. I was so panicked cause the letter sent at 3 PM while at 4 PM I need to go to Bandung. So I rushed in to met the head office for a permission. And on my way there, I saw him working.

In my head its like another  'Oh that handsome senior !'

Then I remember the first day working, a newcomers tried to blend in. The people are so nice, I make friend a lot. But with him…I barely see him since he was so busy. Cafe and sport time probably the only time I believe he was really working there.


You know life sometimes so funny and we are the jokes. You plan something, you know the step, you’re careful, but somehow in the middle of slipped. And on your knee you know, you cant stand it anymore.

That’s what happen with my relationship before. It didn’t work out the way its planned. Sad? Don’t even dare to ask me that, I was just lose a life I tried to have.

And that’s when the jokes strike me again. But this one, the jokes gets me entertained. Who would imagine that on my very worst moment, I get to know someone who set me free from the fear I’m carrying from the past?

He asked my number and we start chatting from once a day til once a minute. From chatting online until chatting directly. From ‘have you get lunch?’ until “lets have a dinner tonight’. There’s something about me and him that addicted both of us. And we all got no clue about what it is until that promotion day.

Just after we’re back from our lunch he was called to head office room and the secretary told me,
“Cha, Ardy got promoted to be an auditor”
 Wow. Cool. 
“…in Cianjur”.
What??  Of all a sudden, surrounding me is like fading, buzzing sound.
“I think I gonna used a bathroom” I grab some tissue and went out.

Its so drama-like, but really..I just wanted to cry. A lot. I cant keep it inside. So instead walked to bathroom, I walked to Mc Donald. Bought Strawberry Sunday, went to the corner, picked the most quite spot, cried there and hopedno one would see.

On that very moment I know how to describe what Im feeling toward him.

Im in love.

Then he came. My phone was already turned off but he found me and stay there with me until the work time was over.

That changes everything in us,  I really cant hold on to ‘just friend’ especially on that midnight when he said ‘I love you”.

And it was just like that...All this time Im searching for someone who could make me fall, completely fall. Someone who makes me brave to love again. Someone I could put respect to. Someone I could trust. Someone that understand me, my dream, my point of view and don’t judge it. Someone i know i could love and love me back. Someone whom I want to stay with and willing to stay too. Someone whom I deserve and deserve me. I found it all in him.

So, saying “i love you too” never felt that easy.

We start dating, getting to know each other more. Everything runs so smooth, less drama, even after we’re going on not-so-long distance relationship.

You know, i once had a rollercoster kinda relationship. Its either go really high or really low, so tiring yet you know it wont go anywhere. I also had a slow-ride kinda relationship which is so peaceful but brings me no fire. With him, its like a perfect blend of that two, i feel complete.


It’s a perks of dating an office mate. Though he already moved but everyone in my office know him so sometimse they want to know  so much and tease me a lot. That ultimate question “When will the two of you get married?” I really cant escape that. No clue to answer but still questioned a lot.

Until one day, He sent me this.

So guys, if you ask me how he purposes..thats how. No flowers, no ring, no kneeling, just a screen captured text and chats on whatsapp. Goodbye teenagers dream ! hiks :’(

Hahahahahahaha :D

Mama called me at night and talked to me about that seriously. Its so surprising since I just met her once yet she’s so sure of having me as her daughter-in-law. Its..overwhelmed.

Ah, I remember when I went home, hugging Mom and saying “Mbu, His family will come here to purpose me”. We both crying that day. Not that we’re not happy about that, its just..both feeling mixed in emotion. Between happy and surprised that this day are finally come.


You know, registering your self in STAN means that you registering your life into uncertainty. Everything so unscheduled, your life will be full of surprise. Sometimes in good way and sometimes not.

Just before the engagement day came, I was called for military orientation in Bogor for 10 days. Ten tiring days, physically and mentally. Got typhus and trained by Kopassus days and nights are seems impossible but well, i made it. I guess it had something to do with meeting a lot of good friends.

Its was so nostalgic. We’re reunited from all over Indonesia after two years separated. Somehow i felt like brought back to old time. Like those two years are not exist. I felt younger, i forgot about works and any confusing about that, i was feeling..old time.

Ten memorable days closed with a genuine ending. Its the time to say ‘See you soon’ to some, and ‘Goodbye’ to another. And as we know for sure, there’s no good in goodbye, even if we can see each other again, it surely wont be the same.

And under the layer of tears and sadness, i was relieve that i can differentiate that.


The engagement days held on December, 26th 2014. Some said it was so fast that we step into this before a year dating but since both parents already gave their blessing and we had no urge to delay it..we’re agree taking a step closer to marriage.

A day before, I asked him why he wants to marry me. To be honest, i was nervous about the engagement. Then he hold my hand and tpld me honestly what he feels, what he believes, what he want us to be. I was just bursting in tears, knowing someone sincerely love me, wanting to protect me and making this bond last for a lifetime. He probably didn't say it a lot or promised me things, but he showed me..though his gesture, his act. And it worth more than flowers or rings.

Deep down i know, i really found the right one.

As what happen to our relationship, the engagement run so smooth though it was the first time for the two family meet each other. On that day, its decided that the wedding and ngunduh mantu will be held before Ramadhan comes. With four months left, that confusing wedding preparation officially started. (Any details about the preparation will be told on separated post)


Ever heard about the lots of  problem that the bride or groom often faced before the wedding day? I faced that so much. From finding a perfect vendor, choosing a venue, organizing things..its so tiring though we did that together. I even dropped and went to bed rest several times until my family asked me to used a wedding organizer. Its not stopping there...the work stuff going crazy, someone broke my car, skin problem, family drama, until the tough one...i was called for a month training with an ex as a classmate.

For sure Im saying this..marriage is huge thing. Even universe want to test you whether you’re ready or not. But if you patient, help will come in a way you cant imagine. And now Im proudly say that Im over it. I pass the test with blood, tears and sweat.

Now, Im married.

Happily married.

With someone i love the most.

Our wedding procession from Siraman, Akad Nikah, Wedding Party and Ngunduh mantu were all done and its beautiful. I really dont think i could make it if its not with him. He’s just.....perfect, for me. Now that we’re married, i feel like i know him more than ever. Love him more than ever.


Talking back about the connecting dot. Once when the dots brings me down to the ground, i told my friend Rizka, “ afraid that i can love no more. Im afraid that when i get married, i wont be able to love my husband the way i want it to be. Cause this heart seems not going to heal”  

I was blind to see where the dots taking me, i didn't believe that everything happen for a reason and seeing that as punishment. It takes me sometimes until i realized..God loves me.

So i learn living with fully trust to God and listen to my own heart. I start to not thinking about fear, taking risk and leave everything that out of my control to God. And guess what? It takes me here. To a Sunday evening where my husband playing games in front of me and letting me writing this since morning.

The dots...taking me to the home Im searching, to the person i love.

How amazing God plans my life. Who would’ve though that on the first event i attend in collage...i met someone who's going to be my husband?

P.S. To my beloved husband, Mas Ardy. You're going to find a lot of your name here cause well...

Our story just started.

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  2. seems like a long true love journey..but kinda fast too haha, get graduated, getting a job near your home, and getting married, wow selamaat chaaa XD *kin2 temen CB mu, haha maybe you wont remember but its okay, happy happiest marriage life yaa

  3. This is really sweet... I can see how you really poured your heart into writing this :')
    Congratulation Icha, may your life be filled with happiness and joy with your beloved husband :D

    I miss you ! 😘

    Inget !
    Yg kopernya ditumpangin tasku hehehe
    Makasih ya kinkin 😊

    Yes im.
    Amin amin amiiiiinnn.
    Thank you so much for the prayer and for stopping by ! Hihi

  5. Postnya mengharukan..rencana Allah memang tidak terduga, tapi pasti yang terbaik ya.
    Wish you have happy marriage cha :3 -Ghiki

  6. Hi ghiki.
    Yes it is..who would have though coba?

    Makasih ya untuk doanya. Semoga ghiki dan gede cepet nikah amiiiinnn hehehe

  7. I was just passing by from Chabadres's blogroll and (once again) found a nice blog with its sweet post. And I was enjoying to read the whole story when suddenly it ended up like ... "Oalah, blogé bojoné Ardy. Hahaha :)))"

    Nice piece, Raisha. And yes, he's always been handsome :))

  8. awww !
    *blush reading 'sweet post'*

    so you know my husband?
    can at least i know who you are? +sudah kepo tapi ga berhasil* :(

  9. Atulah gausah kepo. Aku sama Ardy temen sekelas waktu tingkat satu. And I demand your story with him to be written here more :)


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