Another Hi from Me.

9:47:00 AM

Hi !

First, i know that im being a not-so-good blogger since the last time i wrote was two month ago and it was telling something from a year before. But its still feel like i owe you some explanation. hahaha (like who care? hahaha )

So, i've told you that my harddisk eksternal is broken, its still on service until now. Thats the main reason for me to delay writitng. But something happen yesterady. 

I was robbed.

They took my DSLR, Notebook, Handphone and Harddisk. Basically all the equipment i need to blog. Basically where all my data is stored.

I know that losing the thing was hurtful, remembering the price, the memory...but losing the data is even...well, beyond hurt. So now im praying that my on-service harddisk can be saved so i still have some of the photo and data from the past. 

They said experience is the best teacher. I never lose something like this before its time to think...What it teach me?
I guess, It teach me to be more careful,  to take a better care of my stuff, to get go of things i love the most, to stop giving memories a big part in  my heart.You know how i love keeping memories right? huhuhu

So now i dont know how to continues my blog. If i start it from now will be a year missing. But there's a lot big event happen that i want to share T____T If i wait til the on-service harddisk fixed, i dont know how long it will takes....haaa...T___T

Okay, im being overacting.

Bye for now !

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