How to Make Up My All Day Sickness

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September, 20th 2015

I've told you in here about how bad my first trimester goes. It was like..the dark day of my life. But Allah help me in many many way. Through many many person. Here are some random thing that makes me happy during those days.

My sister, Ama keep on sending me fruits. A lot of it, everyday. Try my very best to eat it, works on early trimester 1. After that..eating one banana can  makes me vomit a lot. :(

Mom sending fruit and green bean to the office. Said that to make me strong. Ah, endless mother's love is..

Dad made a mosque with my name on it. Ah...i cant be more loved than this :')

Ganis sending me Empud's food. Contain everything i loved the most. Miracle happen, i can eat that ! :*

Found my name on our local newspaper !! hahahaha

I told husband that im done scrolling down twitter and stuff. I need new books. Then...he gives me this. Now i can enjoy my free time peacefuly.

They restock Cadburry Black Forest !!!!
Oh My God Im sooooo excited and asked my husband to find this in many many store. Happy tummy happy me :*

Hamdallah for everything.
Thank you for brighten up my day :'))

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