Half Year.

11:16:00 AM

November, 2nd 2015

Its been 6 months since we got married. 
Its a journey that i never imagine before with so many ups and down. Holding on to each others hand to fnd warmth, to feel safe. To strengthen when one gets weak, to raise when one fell down, to clap when one need support, to shed a tears when one cry, to everything each other need..we got each others hand.

With you, I appeciate every laughter, every smile, every happy moment more than before. Life means more to me after i marry you. I know where i want to go, i know who i want to spend my time with, i know what love is cause i feel it everytime im with you.

Dearest husband...you make my life complete. You make it so easy to feel happy. Though this isn't a fairy tale, this is a life i'd love to choose over and over again.

Cause this is a life where you and i are one.

I love you, 

Your lucky wife.

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