Idul Adha 2015

1:30:00 AM

September, 24th 2015

There's several thing in life that happen far form our expectation. Like this one.

We though, since it was our first Idul Adha together, we're gonna celebrated it home..with a lot of foods and family. But reality come strike us. My father diagnosed typhus and had to spent the night at hospital.

But i guess thats how life goes. 


So..we're gonna master how to dance in the rain yet know how to enjoy sunlight after it. So..thats what we do. We enjoy it. We bring home's warmth to the hospital.

fav !!

Without sate, without ketupat...we could enjoy our Idul Adha with ordering sundanese food from father's favorite restaurant. Sitting on the floor...having our time with laugh and gratitude.

I guess nothing can stop us to be happy if we decided to be HAPPY.

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