Trimester Three

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The final trimester !
Time to fight again after fully resting on trimester two. I started walking around in the morning before work. Made me sweat a lot ! In this point, all of my shoes didn't fit me anymore. I became bigger and bigger all the time, makes it harder to move. But i tried my best even its only 15 mins slow walk with slippers hehehe

I also started join pregnancy class and prenatal yoga. Since the doctor said i can give birth normally so i really prepare my body for it. I even took the maternity leave on time for that. 

Anyway, at this last trimester i really crave for chocolate, ice cream, cake..anything sweet. No wonder when we see the doctor, the doctor said the baby is huge and ask me to fix my diet. So, i stop it all, i ate veggies, fruit, i even changed to low calory sugar. Result? i lost four pounds, but baby remain big. hahaha

Since my family still hold on to 'no shopping before 7 months', i finally get to shop in this trimester too. After i did my research, we're finally decide to shop at Jakarta - this will be told separately. On midnight after crazily shop, my nose bleed. Its okay, but take notes mommy to be..dont be too tired !

Another note to take stuff is sooooooo...cute ! You will feel like you wanna buy everything the best for your baby. And believe cost a lot. No one told me to save some money for it, so its kind of surprising.. the ammount i have to pay for it. So...when you find out you're pregnant better start saving as soon as possible for baby stuff, hospital, routine check up, 4 bulanan and aqiqah. Remember you only months for it (if we found out at month 1 and took maternity leave at month 8) and there's a salary cut while we're in maternity leave.

Doctor told me to drink a lot of water since it turn out that my fetal membrane is less than expected. So i brought tupperware everywhere i go to make sure i drink min. 3 litre a day. And it turn out good...i feel fresh and my fetal membrane is finally enough for a normal delivery procedure.

The perks of being a pregnant is..i become stand out. Hahaha Its my belly actually. Everywhere i go people watching my belly, some even said "be carefull" and did a very kind gesture to help me. So be happy mommy-to-be, you're special !

For that reason, i feel like this pregnancy need to be professionally photographed. Thats why i called my wedding photographer and make up to make a worth showing pregnancy photo. As always, i really lho the process. later i will show you the result. Anyway...i really want to make a boudoir version but...husband dont allow it ! :p

Mm..if i can choose, i'd better to take maternity leave really close to due date, not a month before it. Why? Because being at home makes me nervous and lazy ! All i did is only cleaned up the room, washed my baby stuff, arranged thing..which is done in day 5. After it..its only me waking up late, going up and down stairs, browsing, watching tv, walking around the housing, and cooking dinner.

Every day is waiting day as doctor said i can give birth anytime at all. Just wait until the contraction start kicking. And its not happening. (Gonna tell about this is separated post)

Anyway, people often asked me why i didn't gain so much while my baby is still big.  Its because...i didn't drink pregnancy milk. Hahahaha i vomit everytime i tried it. But doctor said its okay to drink ordinary milk, (even milo!) so, i feel okay. And as i know, in abroud pregnancy milk as well as baby milk didn't sold unprescriptioned. I gain 13 kilos by the way, from 59 to 72 !!!

At the early month i felt my baby tickling, the as day goes by i can felt it kicking..and get harder everytime. Now on my last trimester my belly could move in a very bizzare way. Looks like there's an alien wanting to break my belly from the inside hahahaha Kidding ! It feels soooo good, even when its hard for me to walk, to sit, to sleep, to do anything. I can tell him all my story and most of time he respons with kicking me. Well..right then, i know im never alone. He's with me, inside me.  

I got my daily entertainment whenever my husband came home, kiss my belly and talk to him like what i did. Its a very sweet thing to see you know. Im so lucky to have my husband with me during this pregnancy. I dont know i can keep up without him. And the rumors of him move to another city really scare me. Alhamdulillah it didn't happen, i was crying so hard when i know he didn't move until my father worried. Dont worry Dad, its okay now. :)

We didn't heldm7 bulanan in Sukabumi, but my mother in law held it in Jogjakarta. Actually it will held  when we came to Jogja but according to Simbah (My husband grandma) its not a good date according to Javanese so it delayed to 2 days later. We already went back to Sukabumi :( So sad. Because i actually excited to be there for 7 bulanan in Javanese tradition.

I guess its all about my preganancy journey.
Right now when i write it, i fell like i miss being pregnant hahahaha
Just remember mommy-to-be, it really is a very special moment..please embrace it. If you ever feel its hard, just dont give up. Your baby is strong and so do you. Looking back to my early trimester, i feel so lucky just to be alive..because, it is that hard. But here im now, healthy..happy..and the baby...ugh, no prize is better than that.

So be strong, you're growing human !
And that...what i called with SUPER POWER.

Cheers :)

*i re-arranged the timeline, this post originally posted on July, 13th 2016*

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