Trimester Two

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Happy to pass the risky first trimester ! 
Now as I marked 15 weeks pregnant, those nausea finally starting to over. But unlucky me, another symptom didn’t just go away.  Dizzy, getting tired easily still hugging me tight. 

On my 16 weeks, I started to felt something tickling me from the inside. And it amazed me soooo much ! Knowing someone is really inside of me. 

We held Tausyiah 4 bulanan after I felt those tickling, in my religion.. the baby started to have a life after four months so..we pray together for the baby’s life. Its not Raisha if its not drama. Preparing tausyiah 4 bulanan get me and my debate. My mother want it to be full of cultural thing and held it huge while all I want is..people praying for my baby. It feels too early to celebrate anything, looking back to those fighting months. After some persuasive, Mom finally agree to held anything huge on ‘Nujuh Bulan’ or Akikah. 

So...our Tausyiah held in a very overwhelming way. We recited Quran, pray together for our safety and for my baby’s life and closed with having lunch together. Dear baby, can you hear all those prayer? 

Baby bumps started to appeared as I started to eat normally again and managed to gain the loss. In this time, me and my sisters made a photo project, capturing my belly growth. Maybe latter I’ll publish the video hehe

We also started to see the doctor every 2 weeks. After 17 weeks, I stopped consuming Ultrogestan- womb strengthen drug and nausea pills. Oh they said it right, it gets better on second trimester ! This is the most lovable moment during my pregnancy. How could its not? Day by day baby’s getting more bigger, more stronger.. and finally I could feel the kick ! 

At first, its only me who could feel it..but on the next month..Mas Ardy and my family could feel it too. Such a magical thing to feel. Indeed.

From the book and pregnancy blog that I read, it is good to start applying cream, lotion or oil to our belly in second trimester to prevent stetchmark. After several consideration I choose Bio Oil. turn out that im allergic to it. My belly felt so itchy and leave some dark marks L After seeing the doctor, he said to stop using it and suggested Glyderm instead. Alhamdulillah no more problem, even when im writing this (after labor) those stretch mark didn’t showed up !

Anyway, since everything in me got bigger, I was definitely need new dresses. My skirt and shirt was no longer comfortable to used, specially when I sit or rukuk. Tips to you girls, better buy something gamis or abaya-like cause you can used it until pregnancy is over and with some adjustment, it could be wore after-pregnancy too. Another tips is for choosing bra, better buy 2-3 size bigger so you don’t have to buy anything new for trimester 3. Best choice is..2-3 size bigger nursery bra. Used until the baby is born ! 

But people stiil told me that im too slim for pregnant woman and urged me to eat more. FAQ this trimester “ngidam apa?” hahaha, actually I don’t want nothing special. I mean I have some request of what food to buy, but not in the midnight or something that’s hard to find. See? My husband is so lucky to have me ! hahahaha

On my first trimester, i pass every invitation i get. I even didn't come to Mamih Dessy's wedding where i suppost to be her bridesmaid. The dress is done, packing is done, but Doctor didn't allow me on the last minute. :(  This trimester, Sari-also my best friend held her wedding reception in Jogjakarta. To make up my own feeling, i insisted to come. This time, both Doctor and husband allow me. Yay !

Mmm..there's several thing i bought in this trimester related to pregnancy. 
1. Glasses, dont know why suddenly everything so blurry. Hope its just another pregnancy syndrome.
2. Pregnancy Pillow. A very helpful thing to let me sleep comfortably. If i must say, you better buy it on the early pregnancy you can used it longer. hahaha
3. Radiashield blanket. Quite price, but since i work in front of computer i feel like i need it. My office mate often mistaken me forever freezing since i used it all the time.
4. Paid application on Iphone which is Pregnancy+, very usefull to know my baby's milestone. 

Hmmh...i guess thats summed up my trimester two. So..see you on another post ! :) 

*I re-arranged the timeline. This post originally post on July, 12th 2016*

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