Husband turns 27 !

11:58:00 AM

My Dear Husband, the one i trully love turning 27 this day. Tho i made a no-present-this-year rule, i still want to make some surprise. I really cant help it, its his birthday for God sake ! 

So...days before, i made a  crossword puzzle for him. Contained many question of us with hidden clue where i was right then. I also prepared a big box contain every snack he loves, cost under 100k so i guess i didnt violate the rules. hehehe

So..after get the permission from my boss, i went to Cianjur with my driver, remember i was 7 months preganant ! He would be mad if i drive alone. Mm..From his officemate i know a perfect cafe to celebrate this day which is not too far from his office.

I went there before lunch, after my driver sent him the box and the clue, I waited patiently in Twank Kitchen. As i was waiting, i ordered choco lava which taste better than in ODC Sukabumi. But when i ordered the cheese cake. I was just lost i words.....

I was just so unattractive. But well...there's no cake left and i was running out of time to buy somewhere else. 

After a while husband finally came, even without finishing the puzzle ! And i must say....the journey, the preparation, the heatbeat..really paid off with your happy face. I know since when that i love making surprise, but i love it more when its for you !

I remember clearly how i felt that day. I was happy that i get to celebrate my husbands birthday, i was grateful that we're happily married and expecting a son but also..i wasafraid that he would be moved. I pray to God to make us stay this close physically and mentally over and over again. Cause i really cant imagine me without you. 

This is how much i love you, Hon.

At night we're celebrating his birthday in Sunda Rasa, family dinner like always. Hey, welcome to the club, Hon ! Finally us celebrating your birthday together ! hihihihi

This is your first birthday as a husband right? 
So My Dear, i wish i could be and provide you a heaven in earth, a place you can turn to everytime. I wish i could be everything you needed. A friend, a wife, a lover, a partner, a supporter, a shoulder to cry to, a hand to raised you when you fall, a mother of your child. I wish growing old with me excites you as you do me to. And beyond everything...i wish you Jannah for being a very wonderful husband i could ever ask.

A simple i love you can explain how i feel for you anymore. Lets celebrate life and grow old in love together !

Your wife.

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