Hello 2016 !

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I actually dont really celebrate new year, in fact...i dont even see the fireworks cause i was already sleeping like a (huge) baby. New year is excited to me only because...its a long weekend and because its a like a cut off of most of things in this so called life. Its excited cause well...we now can see things as an un-bothered past and learn for it.

So whats up with my 2015 ?

Well 2015 is a stepping stone to a bigger place, its like graduating from elementary and goes to junior high school. Everything from normal to 'OMG what is this?' Hahaha But im doing it like Katniss in Hunger Games, fully awake.

Preparing a wedding, learning to compromise to what people want, letting go of the past for whatever that means, standing up for my self, being brave to speak for whats bothering me, getting married and pregnant, adjusting my self to a new role in my life which is as a wife and a soon-to-be-mom, learning how to cook and how to cut the budget (ugh!), learning to dressed more properly and starting to live a life the way it is, which is...not always like what you want it to be.

Of course they will be no rainbow without a rain. As my happiness feels like beyond everything i ever felt before..it also happen the same way with my sadness. But for what ever happen, im glad that 2015 is over and i still get to hug my husband everynight.

He really is the biggest strength of my life right now.

So...what about 2016? For everything 2015 has built for me, 2016 means to continue the progress. In short..its to be better.

In 2016 i want to :
-  go somewhere new, at least one
-  gain new assets
-  back in shape
-  fully breastfeeding my baby
-  master at least 100 recipes
-  make at least 50 blog post
-  drive a motorcycle in public road
-  pray in first call of adzan
-  finished quran
-  make and have breakfast at home
-  never late to the office
-  learn javanese language
-  read at least 50 books
-  hmmh...what else? Hahahaha if im forgotten some, i'll update it. :p

I dont why but its so tempting to write it here that any other place. I read it somewhere that if we write down what we dream of, more chances it will be coming true. So lets say AMIIIIINNN !

Happy working !

*this blog is made as im having my breakfast. Dont worry, no rules is broken*

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