The farewell of 3J

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October, 3rd 2012

I hate goodbye.
Is there anyone who like to separated with the one they care about? 
Oh..well, obviously i'm not one of it. 

It only takes a year for me to feel close to them, 3J Pajak. At first, i only knew Pintha, Puji, Esa, Huda, Andro, Kevin, Refday, Yandri and Setya. But after so many moment we spent together..i knew everyone. And i feel so lucky cause i was surrounded by amazing person. 

Our journey began from ngamen, Secret in Carity, lunch together, sharing our traditional food, midnight chat at lawson or Mcd or sevel, tentir, karaoke, watched a movie together or went to cinema instead, makrab at Situgunung, breaking fasting together, Pringgandana, photo studio, Yudisium, and Graduation. And our journey ended at.....NO, it would never end. To me..even graduation and miles away spaces between all of us, cant break the bound we had. Thought we cant chat everyday like we used to, but i believe..everyone of us still saying each other as a friend.

That night, was officially the last time for us gather as a class. I went there a lil late cause i attended the dinner with girls as you read before. But lucky me, i didn't miss anything since Akbar, the class leader, spoke about his though of this class when i was already there.

It was very personal, he mentioned us one by one. Akbar, as i always knew, is a very dedicated person, smart, funny, a lil childish but could possible turn to be a very grown up and responsible person when needed. He's a very good leader and friend, listening to him is never boring. You may be the picture below. He could make us took a very good attention and also make us laugh so hard. :)

Since i didn't have a chance and courage like Akbar to speak in front of them..let me, okay?

Akbar :)
Diaz..a very smart and funny person. I feel so helped when i asked him about my ipad problem and he..kindly listened and offered to bought it to his brother to be fixed. He's a family guy, i love hearing his story when i saw his family picture in his phone. 

Tomi..a literary master. He is shy but when it comes to literature..he could speak so much, hehe. At first, we were so hard to make he laugh. Every joke we made can only made him did a polite smile. ari-ari. He so skinny and tall ! He's funny and honest. But..his honesty sometime hurts. He could speak like "you're getting fat" without any sweat. haha

Hesna my mate, my partner in lunch and walk. She's a very straight woman, but behind that..she's a very caring, loving, and kind woman. I love to speak to her because she always listen and gave me a very mature advice.

Wahyu..hehe At some point i though there's something wrong with him, but it turns out that its only my mind mislead. He is independent, he could earn money in this young age. He's also focus and mature. His ability in internet marketing is not a question. I bet he love to make goal and reach it.

Agung..a very very very kind person. He's also my partner in lunch. He is a canon mania (toss!)  and he's one of my teacher in shooting. I remember when i was in blue, he's the only one who said "Go crying now !" instead of "stop crying.." And they way he said succeed to makes me laugh. :')

Aji..the most creative, artistic and cultural classmate i even had. Batik and Surjan is a-must-fashion item for him. He is also great in theater. He is kind and always ready to help the other. He's a master mind in some of our event. Our class photographer. i always happy when i saw my picture he takes. hihihi

Puji... if she is a beverage..i bet she will be..milk. Why? because she is pure and neutralize. I love spending time with her because she so kind and never boring. In our last trip i really felt that the trip wouldn't be great if Puji didn't make me okay with the things around. She's a volunteer of so many save-children movement. So experienced in handling children and singing. She is clean, easy going and a very good daughter.

Deryl..the master in making a weird move and face. He is an innocent and funny. But on my last lawson-ing, i just knew that he is so care to his friend and that night, he gave me a very calming advice which i keep until now. 

Esa..i spend two year with him. He is very kind, funny and cute person. He is one of our class photographer. He is a swinging friend, a talented guitarist and a blogger too. I bet i never saw him in anger, he always smile. hehehe 

Dimas..the singer. I love hearing his voice, its beautiful. He has passion in music and i hope someday he can find a way to get his dream fulfilled. He is Agnes Monica big fans. He is a lawson, pumping and karaoke maniac. What i like the most is..he is a simple person. :)

Kevin my papih. At our so called family tree, he is my father. haha No wonder, we both have things in common. We both like culinary tour, we both like traveling, we both like traditional art, and we both like a peace and friendly place to live. He is my partner in buying risol and my partner in speaking sundanese. Speaking to will feel that you're speaking with a person from old sundanese. So gentle and so...sundanese ! 

Sastri..all hail her. She is amazing. Beside smart and friendly, she is also independent. You know..she could funding her life in Jakarta by her own ! She teaches some children to earn money. Cool isn't? She is a hard worker but she knew how to have fun. 

Andro..well, honestly..i feel a lil bit pissed off to him when he missed some event of us or when i didn't feel he was there when his body was. He always sleepy. But it turns out that..he work until late to earn some money. I feel sorry for being so..negative thinking about him. But i still more sorry for him to missed the fun. Time machine don't exist you know. He is a game maniac. He also love singing. A lil bit childish but if i actually talk with him. He is a good person inside. :)

Monday..A very smart and diligent person. To me, he feels like a walking undang-undang. hehe He had a six sense. A lil bit mysterious. He loves to talk, especially in front of class. He is nice, i helped by him several time and i thank him for that. hehe

Puji, Sastri, Rizal

Nico..a very creative mind. He could see even a very small business chance. He's so friendly and care to his friend. Once, i cried at the class..and after the class ended, he came to me and asking why. I know my story was so cheesy and so melancholy. But he stayed..and listened. After that, in the night he text me to join him out with his friend so i didn't cry my self alone. Its just sweet, what he done to me. Im forever touch by his action. And a whole class would agree that Nico, between the humors and a very smart and kind person. 

Punto..he is a bit quite. Often used his beloved headset in the class. But when makrab, he sat next to me (thank to the event section!) and we did a lil chat. He is nice. But yaa.. if i could should open your self to other, Punto. :) I remember when KSPK and he made a presentation about Bob Sadino. Well, hope you could become one.

Luqman..Ecol the master of dangdut ! A lot of fun and giggling is what you got when you're around him. But when it comes to football, you'll see him differently. He takes it seriously, no wonder he always good at it.

Boris..the thinker. He is so smart, diligent, dedicated, religious, and a lil bit perfectionist-in a good way. I guess he never did anything without putting his best on it. I might say that..Boris is a behind-the-scene-leader. He seldom took credit of what he's done. To his friend, he is friendly and willing to help. Well Boris, i believe that your father will be proud of you. :)

Rizal..the galau man. Hahaha Actually he is my partner in galau. The different is..instead of saying some pathetic words like me, he will say some funny words while galau-ing. ahaha It always nice to babbling about my love life to him. Because at some point..he knew how i felt. I bet he is gonna be a good comic if he want to. Stand up comedy all the way ! haha 

Wahyu first i though he didn't like to socialize. But as time goes by..i knew that he is a good friend. He has a pure heart and loving his mother so much. He likes basketball so much. Once he gave the whole class a souvenir from a basket match he attended. And..its funny when he talks about girl..hihi 

Teguh..the baby face. I didn't surprise when he told me he is a healthy baby model when he was a kid. I always see him as a having no worry person. He always smile and look happy. He love reading manga and experiencing a new culinary. He is a big O in 3J beside Rizal and Kevin hehe

Pintha..the lovely girl. She is sweet, simple, smart and did i say it before? lovely. She has all it takes to be, brain, and money. But she doesn't do that. She is very humble, faithful and friendly. She also knows how to run a business and how to cook. Simply said that she has a perfect criteria as a wife. dear old man. At first..hearing what he said makes me hurt. Its because his batak accent and his facial expression. rrrr... but i know him better..i adore him (except his hard-to-be-woken-up and his addiction to game) He is a family man, he is loyal to his friend, he protect ladies, he knew how to have fun, he is kind, he...beyond anything, is a very good old man. You know Day..i guess your dream will fulfilled. You're gonna be a good father later. :)

Senvi..he is surprisingly funny. At first i thought he is a quite person. Hahaha i remember i though his name is Didik on our first karaoke. Hahaha 

Toto.. he is amazing. How he struggle to school and how he manage survive in Jakarta. He inspire me when he told me about his story, his family and the reason why he live in a simple way. He is a hard worker without a doubt. Toto..his text to keep in touch makes me want to cry. To, i believe a bright future is yours. Amiiin. :')

Huda.. he is an anime freak. Sometimes rrr..many times i didn't understand what he talks or tweet about. He is very smart and broadminded. He also very good at English. Oh, he could sleep anytime and everywhere ! hahaha 

Koponk.. another funny person in 3J. But behind his funny side, he is a great internet marketer. It amazed me how much he could earn per month. He is smart, teamwork with him always ended up with him doing the hard part and we got the easy part. yay ! ehehe

Setya..beside the oh-so-many-different-thought between us. He is consistent to what he believe. I remember a day when i used my new shoes, a non local brand. He took my shoes and said "this is why our local brand cannot compete in our own market". It somehow slapped me, i learn from him that day. Well, he concern to the poor. He also like to dress...untidy. A very good debater especially about things he believes or concern about. very very very best friend. I don't know why but since the first karaoke..i found my self clicked with his person. To him i can be a very good friend, a very mellow woman, a very spoiled girl or a very rude classmate. Simply said, with him..i can be my own self. He knows me best and worst. We love the same kind of music, we have almost the same love story back then, and to mocking each other. He is a good boy and a very loving person. So lucky to met you, dik. hehe neighbor. Just a simple 15 steps and voila..i'll be in front of his dorm. He is a very calming, mature, smart and kind person. Anytime at all..even if it was almost midnight, if i didn't understand a subject or a homework, he always helped me if i asked him. Another never-seen-angry-person in my class. :)

Khabib..hihihi just remembering his face makes me wanna laugh. He is very funny..the way he look..the way he speak. haha Everytime he talks in front of the class, a whole class would be entertained. He is good, patient and innocent. He also good at football.

Yandri..I know him since second grade. When studied together he was so patiently drive or walk me home. Though its midnight..thought the road is damaged and scary..though sometime we had to walk and my sandals broken, he kept on saying "its okay" whenever i said im sorry. He is smart, funny and love rapping. Addicted to cajuput oil and inhaler. Cant stand of dusk and cold weather. He dreamed of having his own corporation named YM. Hope it comes true, amiiinn :)


Okay, back to the night.

After Akbar finish speaking..he played the video that he's been making since some moment ago. Since he is a movie freak, the video he made was..AMAZING. The music, the ornament, the picture..everything is perfect. Like a flashback of what we've done this one precious year. 

After that..we gave Akbar the shirt which is full of our signature. Hope he could hang it on his wall and everytime he feels blue..he could remember that he have us. :')

Such a very very memorable night.
And of course a very wondrous year with you all. I thank you for being a part, a nice part, in my college life. Im sorry if i made some- a lot mistake along the way. All of you will always be my friend.

As  we go on. We remember. All times we had together. 
And as our lives change come whatever. We will still be friends forever. 

I keep , keep thinking this is not goodbye.
Keep on thinking its time to fly.
(Graduation - Vitamin C)

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