(2) Song of the Sea

5:59:00 PM

October, 14th 2012

Melissa said, if went to Sentosa Island..dont ever think to missed this spectacular show name Song of the Sea. Since the enterance ticket still reasonable, we decided to follow Melissa advice. Here come the magical Song of the Sea.. 

Song of the Sea - Sentosa Island, Singapore

The show began at 7 o'clock. Since we went there on time, we got the perfect place to watched this show. Right in the middle. Hehehe By the way, the ticket costed 12 SGD.

The show took place at Siloso Beach, such a beautiful beach indeed. We sat in the wood bench, headed to the beach. I got no clue about this show, maybe thats why this show really wow me that much.

the stage

Just like Harvin said this how is kind a High School Musical type. People sing and dance during the show. What makes this show extra ordinary was...the technology. They using the water from the beach and project the 4D images in it. Cant say how cool it was. You may check it your self. hehe

Okay, the story was actually very simple. Its about some kids who love to sing. One of them could waken up the sleeping princess of the sea and some giant monster. So they sing and sing to beat the monster and free the princess. End of story. But you gotta be agree with me about this, the efect was totally cool. The water, the fire, the projector, the fireworks. Really worth to watch.

We the happy audience :D
After the show ended, all we saw was a happy face all around. They really enjoyed the show as we did. And one thing i love the most was...the beach turn into a very romantic place in the night. Unlucky me, i was single..well..i still single. Oh dear future husband, please bring me to the sea at night. Will you? *wink wink* hahaha

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  1. Icha.... makin lama makin keren ih blognya... keep bloging... Hayo siapa aku

  2. Uhuk, kalau pake janaka sih kayanya aku tau. hehehe
    Esa kan? :D

  3. Hey Icha, your story is awesome :D
    It must be very exiting to be there.
    I'm impressed about the technology they used in the show. Especially the fire explosion, it so hugee. You must felt so hot when the fire explosion occured, didn't you?

    Oh, I'm new in blogger so please feel easy to teach me. hahaha

  4. hahahaha danyel !
    Yes, it was so awesome and felt a bit hot when i watched it. But its so worth it. :D

    Hahahaha Oke okeeee :))


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