(1) Carel's Dorm & Roti Canai

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October, 13th 2012

A sudden change of plan happen. At first we only plan on spending this 5 days trip only in Malaysia. Because yaaa..we though we could slept freely at Carel's place. But since we still had to pay, why not travelling a lil bit further? Haha, thats why, we decided to went to Singapore too. And we went there  tonight ! Hahaha They said its better to go to Singapore on weekend, tnow you knoe why we're such in a hurry. :P

So we went to Carel's place first, its at Genting Klang. We unpack our suitcase and bring only things we would need while we're in Singapore. And thats the first time i met Carel and Josephine, his girlfriend.  

In Carel's room

on the top of Carel's dorm
Petronas from afar 

They were so nice. At first its kinda awkward because yaaa..first timer. But as we chat more and more, i felt like they're a very nice person and they're so helpful. I remember how Josephine offered her shoes when she saw me in wedges. Such a kind girl :)) 

Josephine and Carel

Josephine is from Singapore and from her we knew that there's a night bus from KLCC to Singapore. She took engineering mayor while Carel took Music Scoring. They're study on the same place named i-forget. Hahaha forgive me :p

As a poor traveler, all we could brought from the place we visited was only story and picture. Thats why, on the first day in Malaysia, we went straight to Petronas to made this journey to Malaysia official. Hahaha

But first, we were starving ! This stomach need something to shut it up. :p

Carel brought us to a small India Restaurant near his dorm. Its funny to saw the India waitress shaking his head everytime spoke. Acha-acha Nehi-nehi hihi

The surrounding neighborhood was so serene and clean. No street musician, no villian and no vagrant. That somehow makes me felt safe.

We ordered Roti Canai, Roti Telur. Teh Tarik and Teh-O for our lunch. Carel told me to saw the making of this food so i went to the kitchen and talked to the maker. Thank God they're so friendly, though i dont really understand their English + India accent, but they keep explaining and smiling to me. hihi

Roti Canai
Roti Telur
chicken curry, fish curry,  peanuts curry and sambal

So as you see above, Roti Canai and Roti Telur is actually the same except for Roti Telur they put an egg inside of it. Taste yummy and glut. This food often complemented by curry. In this restaurant every curry had a strong and delicious taste. But i felt kinda confused when i tried the sambal. It tasted like our own sambal terasi. Extra Yummeh ! :p

Teh-O menas tea withoout sugar. While teh tarik consist of tea and milk. Such a perfect beverage on that rainy day. :D

The table manner for this Roti Canai and Roti Telur was actually using hand. We tear it up and dip it into the curry. But that day we used spoon inteas, hahaha. Oh ya, Each Roti Canai and Roti Telur cost RM 1,6. But Carel treat us ! Yippy ! :*

Full tank and Happy, we're so ready for the next place. I'll see you soon~~

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