TNI Day !

2:57:00 PM

October, 6th 2012

To celebrate the anniversary of Indonesian Army, TNI, there's a big exhibition held in Monumen Nasional (Monas). Since days before, our instructor from Kopassus had already told us about this event, they also invited us to come. That why we, Kompi C Gelombang 2, went to Monas that day ! I was actually woke up late, but thank God..they waited until and Yasmin ready. hehehe

We went there by Metromini. And the first thing we did after arrived was...taking picture hahaha

HUT TNI 2012
This exhibition WAW me. It was huge, well arranged and..i saw so many female army which to many opinion..extremely beautiful. Every part of TNI made their own stall and they show us what they did. Of course the kinda information which public allowed to know. hehe

I actually dont have much explanation, so..just enjoy the picture, okay? :3 

Oh my, those bullet proof vest and jacket ! It cost real lots ! Can you believe that one bullet proof vest cost 30 billion? and 70 billion for one bullet proof jacket ! Army's equipment..why you so expensive? 

its a person. and he surprise me when he move haha
Well..i never knew that our beloved TNI is this huge. All i know is there's a Angkatan Darat, Angkatan Laut and Angkatan Udara. But i never knew the things they used, the guns, the cars, the clothes or the things they did. This exhibition really surprise me. Our army is great. They're loyal, well educated, well trained. Oh if only we had a lot of money to fund them. 

C for Kompi C

When we visited Angkatan Darat stall. I saw so many people gathered and asking for photos. It turns out that the son of our president was there. The guardian didn't let us to took a picture with him. But inside, went we met Bea Cukai-ers which was going to took a picture with him. We instantly near then and Voila. A picture of us with Agus Yudhoyono ! hehehehe :3

He's so tall and smell so good. hahaha

After that we went to Kopassus stall. It was such visiting our own family. They greet us so warm. Pelatih Sokip, Pelatih Roxy, Pelatih Tiwi, Pelatih Linda Pelatih Putu, ah..too bad we didn't saw Pelatih Steve or Pelatih Dani. I kinda miss those amazing man. :')

Pelatih Tiwi and Yasmin
Kompi C with Pelatih Roxy and Pelatih Sokip
with Pelatih Linda and Pelatih Roxy
Pelatih Sokip different name :p

with Pelatih Putu

Oh, we met Mr. Danki there. Prasetyan went there with his bea cukai friend. So it feels like complete..kompi and komandan kompi was there. hehe

Pelatih Putu gave us a mission. To find her ex and delivered the message. Okay...time to be a detective ! hahahaha

crazy move haha

like father like son

On our way we saw so many different car and helicopter. Cool. Oh i also saw so many family there. I guess the army is instructed to be friendly for today. Even the female army was using make up. Everytime we asked something even the silliest one, they always answered. When we asked them for help such as to took our picture with the car..they were willing to do that. They're smiling all day ! hoho

So, we finally met Pelatih Putu's ex and taking a picture together as a proof. hahaha

After that we went back to Kopassus stall for saying goodbye. Such a very hot weather. Make sure you bring umbrella and sunblock if you're going around Monas. A moment to remember, now its time to get ready for the party ! See you soon :*

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