Smash it, C !

7:28:00 PM

September, 29th 2012

After seeing the third part-er came and showed their yel-yel. Kompi C decided to did badminton together. I thought the girl would participate too, but when i came..its only me. way i asked Hamdi to drive me home. So there i was, being the only female they could saw. haha

I was paired with Reza. God, he's a pro at this sport. I feel so...not talented. :(

After that.. i was done playing. Watching them in sweat was enough for me. Hahaha, it so funny to saw Efwin, Pras, Ardha and Ave played ! Lots of humor and giggle hehe

Hamdi drove me home that day. This Arsenal maniac was so labile, especially when his favorite club lose ! Hahaha 

So nice to spent the afternoon with you guys. Lets make another moment ! :D

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