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October, 10th 2012

Everyday since three years ago.. I've been waiting for this final day to came. Everytime i faced a hard time, thinking about this day just strengthen me. Stress over a subject, task and homework, studied all day and night long, went to tentir, made a report, revision, all i did because i want today to happen.

Mbu, Mpah...i pushed my limit, i tried and worked hard as much as i could for you to saw me on the stage that day. And so..this graduation i present for you, my beloved parents. 

Wisuda STAN 2012

We slept at Harris Hotel Sentul, such a very nice hotel i might say. But we went there too late at night so we couldn't had a dinner together with Titik's Mom. Oh, we refers to me, my dad and my mom, along with Pak Rus. My sisters and brother couldn't came because they had an exam in their school. 

We went to the Sentul International Convention Center, my graduation took place, on the time, Alhamdulillah. Because if we're too late, we couldn't entered the building before the Minister of Finance left, plus..i'll be the last to be called to the stage. I even skipped my breakfast to be on time since it turns out that the make up took a lil bit longer. By the way, super thanks to the Moeslimah Salon. My make up feels perfect. Not too tick, felt natural but looks good. If you curious its Indradewi, Bellanova Country Mall Rk.2 No.1 Sentul City, 0816 192 5853.

Its me :D
Last year, i was the committee but that day i was the one who graduated. Last year, i prepared the show, but that day i enjoyed it. It was so..solemn. The moment when the best graduated along with their family entered the room, everyone clapped. But when the presenter announced that the Minister couldn't came, The boo sound hearing all over. You can't blame people for being disappointed, you know.

After that...every specialty called one by one. When my turn came, i was surprise my picture which shown in the screen was my first grade's picture which looks like a granny. I've prepared the picture but the committee might have a reason why the used that old picture stock. 

It was very quick..my time on the stage. But hey Mbu Mpah, could you see your daughter? She made it. She made it for you. I guess they saw me, cause when i was back to the seat i received a text from them, "We are so proud of you. It feels like yesterday when you entered this college.". Made me in tears. :'(

While the other specialty still called one by one, i sneaked out the room and went to the bathroom to met my beloved geng bibik. Oh Titik, we made it ! All those line we used to say.. "we're going to be graduated together" now its coming true. Look at us, we're wearing toga ! 

Akbar, Kevin and me
Oh by the way.. those speech from Minister of Finance somehow.....hurt us. I miss Ibu Sri Mulyani right now. ngghh :(

I sat beside Arfin when the the ceremony almost finished. I was so touch when the graduated present a poets for our parent. Those song also great, good job Efyud and friend. Arfin, the innocent boy overwhelmed me when he said.. 
Arfin : "one of my lifetime goal is fulfilled today, cha"
Me    : "what is it, fin?"
Arfin : "taking picture with the most beautiful graduated student"
Me    : *blush* 
Me and Arfin

After the graduation ceremony finished, its time to took so many picture as much as we could. To freeze the moment. Even though there're so much shortage of this event, i appreciate the committee for being so kind, willing to prepare the special day for their senior. So here i thank you. :)

Me and Krisna
When i was in the first grade, i had a classmate name Krisna. He was so active, over active..til i said "i want to see you on graduation day. I wanna know are you still like this or not", and i made it. I met him and took a picture together. The answer is...he still like that. :p

Another fulfilled promised, last year. We, Panwis Panggung 2011 took a picture with Panggung 2010. We said that next year, we're gonna do the same with the next Panggung-ers. And here are our photos :)

Though we didn't do our charlie style, but at least i got some pictures with several Kompi Charlie member. hihihi

Prasetyan and Me

Adit and me
Ardha, Yasmin, me and Hamdi
Me and Hamdi
My phone was already off before the event finished. So i cant called people and asking where they are to took a picture together. But Alhamdulillah, i met almost everyone i want that day. Though i missed Rizka, Cipe, classmate and keluarga belajar. But yaaa...what else can i do. :(

With Sukabum-ers, A Fauzi

And here comes my love, Ka Puri surprised me with attending my graduation day, she even brought me flowers. Thank you kaka, a very sweet of you. :*

me and my parents
My dad had a reunion with his IPDN friend on the same day as my graduation day. Thats why we were rush headed to Cikini after my graduation finished. Such a short time for a big day. Before leaving, Atang met us. Hmmh..thank you for the cake and the flowers :)

nothing to do result :p
My father's reunion was at a hotel named i-forgot. hahaha My bad, im sorry. We got one hotel room for us. While my dad talking with his friend on the restaurant. Me and mom went around to find a studio photo because i felt like it such a waste if i had no formal picture while wearing toga. We found it near Salemba. Since my mom didn't want to be only me and her in my graduation picture, she asked me to be alone instead. "if its only us, cha. you'll look like having a father that abandoned you". Okay..so here im. Alone in my graduation photos. hahaha

In the room with my mom was sleeping, a Sherina's song really cant get our of my head. "Hatiku sedih, hatiku gundah, tak ingin pergi berpisah. Hatiku bertanya, hatiku curiga, mungkinkah ku temui kebahagiaan seperti disini. Sahabat yang selalu ada, dalam suka dan duka." . Now that Alhamdulillah, the college life was over. I cant help my self from from asking..Whats next?

Well, as i flashback every memories. I know that best friend stayed, memory remains, love's around and future never know. Then what there to be afraid of? So..whatever next, i guess i'll find a way to face it. Wish me luck and Congratulation for us STANers :)

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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  1. Luar biasa ! Insya Alloh tahun depan saat giliran saya wisuda :)


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