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Oktober, 4th 2012

Went to Bogor with Alfa, Silmi, Atang, Gede, Refday and Yandri. I dont know where Atang brought me, but its a bowling arena near The Jungle. Okay...warming up. Time for exerting my power, those ball was so heavy !

Wohoooo.. my skill escalated. So happy i could bring down a lot ! hehe

It was raining so hard when we left that place and headed to Atang's house. To make the journey more was also jammed and black out. Hahaha Its kind a awkward when we're in Atang's house. Since its still black out, we didn't see people clearly. Silmi even mistaken Alfa as Atang's mother. haha

the newly recovered, Yandri
Atang and Gede

Silmi my daughter
From Atang's house we headed to Silmi's house. On our way, my stomach started to hurt again cause i didn't ate on time. After buying some pills, i was basically sleep along the way until we stopped to ate dinner. Such a yummy grilled chicken. Finished driving Silmi home, we went to Bintaro and again..i slept along the way. I feel bad to the other because i feel like i didn't enjoying the moment. Sorry guys..its my stomach. :(

Picture taken by Atang.

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