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October, 13th 2012

Unlike our Bukit Bintang in Bandung which is a hill where we could see a beautiful city view, in Malaysia..Bukit Bintang is a very huge mall where almost everything i see, i want to bring it home. hahaha

And as i said to you before, we're only did a window shopping while we waited for our night bus to Singapore. So what else could i share except some picture? hehe So please enjoy....:))

cute couple

Carel guide us around, he brought me to a shop named 'Typo'. They sell from home decoration, stationary, watches, painting, bag....ah Mom ! I want it all huhuhu. Too bad i was busy looking around til i forgot to took a picture. :(

Tokyo Street - Bukit Bintang Malaysia

We went to Tokyo Street and found so many photo booth. We tried it all, by the way. Hahaha We had so much fun and laugh. I bet Huda, my anime-freak classmate would envy me for this :p

I want this Zen Bonsai !
And Carel brought me to this camera shop since he though i was so i love with photography. Its actually a Lomo shop. And this place waw me. There're a lot of beautiful Lomo picture hanging in the wall. Okay..someday..someday... *exhale*

I went to an art shop name Ode ti Art. If course we weren't allowed to took pictures. But seeing this art made me remember Urri, my very best friend. I guess someday, im gonna see her painting hanging im a gallery like that. For that, i say Amiiin :)

A funny moment happen when we're taking picture outside. Josephine, the Singapore girl knew Cherry Belle ! Hahaha, it happen when we're taking a picture together and lacked of pose. I said, "lets do chibi-chibi style!" and she did it. I was so surprise and asked her, you know what she said? "Ya i know, its cherry belle" hahaha But Thank God she didn't know Sm*sh or Max5 or anything similar to them :p

Chibi Chibi Style

After that we had a dinner together but didn't worth the story or picture because it was so ordinary. Then we went to the side of this mall for our night bus. Cost us RM 43 each. Its so comfy, especially when you plan on sleeping. They provide pillow, blanket, and super sleep-able chair. 

So say good night to Malaysia and say i'll see you soon, Singapore ! ehehe :*

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