Yudisium STAN 2012

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Oktober, 3rd 2012

This was the day i've been waiting for since three year ago. Yudisium is a mark that my study in STAN wass officially finished. I was no longer a college student. I was graduated.

Oh God. This really happen.

This yudisium is held in two part. The first part for Akuntasi, Bea Cukai, Anggaran, and PPLN student. And the second part for Pajak and PBB. Oh if only they didn't have to split us ! Would be much better if we're together in this important moment.

Esa >_<

I did met some of non Pajak and PBB friend. After taking picture we went inside the Gedung G and gather with our classmate. Oh i met Adit and he gave me two delipo. Yummy ! :9

Pak Altaf
yel-yel again !

And so the show was begin. (show? :p)
Pak Altaf, as the head of Sekre Pajak opened it with some speech. Then its another yel-yel time. Too bad the yel-yel that used was the first part's yel. So some of us didn't know it and make it a lil not compact. :(

Direktur STAN Pak Kusmanadji
the signing of our graduation letter
Then its time for our top leader in STAN to spoke, he..the Direktur of STAN, Pak Kusmanadji congratulate us and gave us some reminder and advice for what we gonna faced soon. Oh, i still couldn't believe that it was over. I still wanted to be here at STAN..:(

Top 10 Pajak and PBB plus Sekre and Direktur STAN
Top 10 Pajak

After it, Sekre announce the top 10 of every specialty. So glad to saw so many familiar face in the front. Congratulation to all of you. Your hard work put you ahead :)

Its time for ranking announcement. Every one of us will be called according to the ranking. And Alhamdulillah, i am ranking 128 from 427 student. And my last IPK score is 3,40. :)

This Sekre Pajak really creative in announcing the top three. Check it below hehe  

The third position announced with a picture of a boy, Abe. Of course everyone laugh because...Abe name already called before. Then the picture was completed with the girl next to him. Hahaha, She was actually got the third position. :)

The second position announced with Dian formal picture. hehehe

And the first position? We all knew it must be Anggara. But if you wanna know why we all laughing like crazy in the picture above, you may check the picture below for the answer. hahaha

Actually the announcement of top three PBB was a lot more crazier ! From topless picture, sand writing..hahahaha Sekre, you're crazy ! :D

The top 3

Sekre final goddbye

So the yudisium was finally over as Sekre congratulate us, said they're sorry if they're mistaken and said good bye to us. Now its time for more and more picture ! Yaaaaaay !

Sastri, Hendik and Agung

Aji :)

Hendik and Puji

Hesna, Hendik, Deryl and me

Triple Big hehe

Three years of struggle now paid off. Thank you for all the memories and the lesson. STAN will always got a place in my heart. Hope someday i get a chance to study here again. Amiiiiinn :') 

Picture taken by Aji, Agung, Ryan and Atang.

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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