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October, 14th 2012

Good Morning Singapore !

From Malaysia to Singapore, it took time about 6 hour on the road. We stopped two times before we arrived at Beach Road. First for Malaysian Immigration and the second for Singapore Immigration. Its 4 o'clock in the morning and we got no where to go since Mellisa, another friend of Harvin, which study here couldn't be reach. Yaa i bet she's sleeping that time, who wasn't by the way? :p
Beach road at 4 am
Because our body started to stiffed, me and Puji used the massaging chair near the bus stop. It was 2 SGD (1 SGD = Rp7.700,00) and felt so good. After that we tried to stopped a taxi but there're not even one pass through. We tried to ask several person we met, but no one could help except this magical Mr. Lee Hoe. 

Puji, Mr. Lee Hoe and me in the MRT Station. 
Not only answering our question, he also guided us to find the bathroom we could used to changed our clothes and guided us to the MRT Station. He even talked to the officer to made us the MRT Card and teach us how to top up the card and how to used it. Really helping, indeed. 

Mr. Lee Hoe gave me the great first impression of Singapore. I don't know what to say but Alhamdulillah, God always let me to met a good people in anywhere i go, even abroad. In Malaysia i met Carel and Josephine, and in Singapore i met this Mr. Lee Hoe. Alhamdulillah. 

By the way, the making of MRT Card costed 12 SGD, and the top us..10 SGD. The station opened at 6 o'clock, so we gotta waited first. We talked a lot with Mr. Lee Hoe, too bad he didn't have email for future catch up. But he gave us his address ! hihi

And i was amazed by how clean and organized the Station was. It was huge, sophisticated and well maintenance. And the people there was so stick to the rule. No wonder if they said Singapore is a fine  city ! LoL :p

We went to Station Paya Lebar because it was the nearer to Melissa's dorm. Two word to describe that morning..peaceful and quite. The road is almost empty, its clean..the road and the air. The bad thing was might be..i rarely was people talking to each other. Its kinda weird for me.

We used bus to reach Melissa's dorm. And it turn out that the MRT Card could be used in the bus too, Super Cool. :D

a church next to Melissa's dorm

But, until we're in front of her dorm, Melissa still couldn't be called. Thats why...we went back to Station Paya Lebar for breakfast and continued our journey to..Marina Bay.

inside MRT

We went to Marina Bay to visited the famous landmark, but when we get there..we only saw an in-building port and thats all. Actually in every station there's an information board which contain information about MRT route and place of interest near the station. But since we were so confused, we  asked around and thank God an Indian told us where to go. And it was..Bayfront.

Marina Bay - Singapore
Place of Interest that we visited in Bayfront was Marina Bay Sands hotel and Garden by the bay. Just like what Harvin said "the first place we visited in Singapore was a place full of insanely wealthy people and well it was dominated by white people". 

Why its not on Oct??? :(

In Marina Bay Sand Hotel we took a tour and ended up in (front of) Casino. Each of us had a reason why we couln't entered the casino. One for sure, we didn't have the money. Harvin was using sandal and short pants, Puji was underage and me was using veil. Hahaha

This place was extremely huge and complete and beautiful ! It was really Waw us. But the more we looked around the more i want to be rich (This what happen if you look above you for too long). Not even one place there that we could afford, yet

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Then we went to the Garden by the bay. Its like a bridge over the road which connect two building. Its actually a small garden, but the view was....cool ! You can see it on the pictures below. hehe

By the way, we met some friendly Japanese and all i could remember from 3 years learning japanese language was...Arigato and Sayonara. -___-"

Garden by the bay - Singapore

Botanical Garden - Singapore

I saw a sport car passing through in super high speed from that place. And it was so waw. Singapore really is a perfect place for people with super wealthy title. Imagine that super car in Indonesia, i bet the owner wouldn't taste the adrenaline rush unless he bring it to a sircuit. Traffic jam, remember? 

After crossing..we went to the another bridge for some picture. It was in a middle of the day, and the sun shined so bright. Even after i re-used the sunblock so many time, i still felt my skin burning. 

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

But it was worth it. Got so many good picture there ! hihihi

And i cant wait to tell you about the next place i visited. But first, let me say Good night and i'll see you extra soon ! :)

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