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October, 13th 2012

Its all started when Puji text me whether i want to join her for Malaysia trip or not. I was in the car with my family and when i asked them they said yes, directly. Without asking with who and for how long. They even insisted me to made my passport the day after it. It was so smooth. Unlike any other permission trip i ever asked. Maybeeee...they saw that i really in need for some vacation. Yah, you know laah~

Me, Puji and Harvin
We only met once in our college to talk about this trip. So my partner in crime in this trip was Puji and Harvin. This is the first time i know Harvin, but since he was easy to be friend with i felt no worry at all. We only talk about how much extra baggage we would take and how we get to the airport on time. We didn't even discuss where we would go. haha

So, at Oct 12th night, we went to Puji's house. We slept there, driven to the airport by Puji's Mom, got a breakfast from her too. Oh so much thanks for Puji's family. :)

Vida, Puji and Harvin
Another thanks i sent for Adit for kindly gave me two big size chocolates and delipo. Really save my stomach on abroad. hehehe

In the airport we met Vida and her friend. It turns out that Vida, Valent and his friend which i didnt know his name was going to Bangkok ! The ticket price different only Rp100.000 ! Oh, if only we knew..i guess it'll be more fun if we went there together. huhu

It was my very first flight. And lucky me, i got the near to window seat ! Yippy, i finally could see the beauty of cloud up there. Feels like in Doraemon comic, Negeri di Awan. hehe

Te took off at 07.30 WIB, the flight it self took about 1,5 hour. I couldn't slept at all, since maybe i was overly enjoying my first flight. Hahaha We used Tiget Airways, a very cheap airline. Only Rp640.000 for two ways (exclude airport tax Rp150.000,00). But Alhamdulillah, the flight was comfy and safe. 

It was raining so hard when we arrived at Malaysia. After calling our family we went straight to Kuala Lumpur by bus. From LCCT - KL Sentral cost us RM 9. ( RM 1 = Rp3.300,00 ).  It took about an hour and i used it foe some browsing and chatting. On that time i still used Indonesian provider. After 15 menit my Rp100,000 credit gone like a wind. Thats why i bought Malaysian Provider, Digi, on the next stop. Cost me RM 20.

After that, we used Taxi to get to Carel's dorm. Oh ya i forgot to tell you. We're planned to stay in Carel's dorm during this trip, but the day before Carel told us that his Landlord asked for RM 75/night/person which was so expensive ! Thats why we chose to stay in a hostel instead, it cost more cheaper. But since we got no destination and need someone to talk to, Carel's dorm was our very first destination. By the way, Carel is Harvin's high school mate. :)

The taxi cost us RM 30 (Carel said it must be RM 15 rrr -__-). The driver was so friendly and so tour guide alike. He told us everything we saw along the way. He also told us how he love Bandung, how happy he was when there's a flight from KL to Bandung, and his complement for Pasar Baru's taylor. My mom was right, Malaysian love Pasar Baru. haha

And he brough us to a place named Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom. He said this is the most delicious chocolate in Malaysia. At first we didn't want to because first, its raining. Second, we really need to see Carel first. But since he insisted, we're finally entered this place. If you ever go to Jogjakarta and used Becak, you'll feel that they used that kind of system here. The shop is cooperated with some tourist transportation. Symbiosis Mutual-ism. 

Beryls Chocolate Kingdom

We're greeted by an old chocolate machine. There's a tour guide inside this shop, and he told us everything. From the making of chocolate until the history of this line. As a chocolate maniac, this place feels like a mini heaven for me ! Look at the rack. Its chocolate, chocolate everywhere~

They have so many flavor, From durian, mangom coconuts, white choc, dark choc, everything ! I didn't plan on buying anything but i did trying some of their sample. Like, why not? Its free by the way. But when i tried the tiramissu choc. God ! Its ultra very extremely delicious !

In the end, i bought two, the durian and tiramissu chocolate. Cost me RM 77, its expensive i know. But the flavor make me regret nothing. haha

They also sell the chocolate with some cute ornament like you see above. From doll, stationary and lovely packaging. Oh ya, beside chocolate, they sell cakes too ! I saw some macaroons there yippy :*

Ah really, i had a good first impression of Malaysia because of this place. Cant wait for the next place ! hihi

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