(3) Changi Airport & Raffles Hill

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October, 14th - 15th 2012

I really didn't know what Puji keep on telling us to spent the night in Airport. Also, i didn't know why we agreed on the first place. I know that its the only place we could sleep with no charge but of course we had a choice to used a hostel instead. But yaaa..for the sake of youth experience, we slept at the Airport that night. fufufu~

Changi Airport - Singapore

Just like any other place in Singapore, this Changi Airport was super clean and organized. In case you wonder, No. The airport didn't provide a place for us to sleep. There're only some standard chair. And yaa..we slept on it.

the example of sleeping in the airport.

If i had to chose again, i would rather pay for some hostel than to experience that night again. First, i was not comfortable to sleep in public. Second, the chair ached my body. Third, its super cool that i felt like freezing. So i didn't sleep well. If i calculated, its only two or three hours that i really used for sleeping. Puji didn't  even sleep at all. The one that really slept maybe just Harvin. All hail him !

I went to the bathroom a lot that night. Why? To use the hand drier ! hahaha It was warm you know :p

So after changing, we went to Raffles Hill, the place where most office located. It was so different, the weekday and weekend in Singapore. In weekend, the MRT was deserted. But in weekday....God ! It was so crowded. All the people i saw was such in a rush. I know that Indonesia had the slower walking speed, but i never imagine that in Singapore..people really walk that fast. Even lady in high heel could walk in that kind of speed. 

Raffles Hill - Singapore

The escalator was fast, but instead on using it, the people walk on it. No one talked with each other, they busy with their own mind or headset. This somehow..made them looked like a robot to me.

Talking about Raffles Hill. Sky scrapper was all i could saw. But in the middle of the area, there's a mini garden where people could see some green stuff. Harvin keep on saying that this is the place he dreamed of. I hate to say but...i didn't wanna live in this place. Holiday is okay, but to spend the rest of my life in the place where people dont really talk to each other? I dont think i could handle it.

On our way to Merlion, we saw some Historical Building. And the picture above taken in the basement of a hotel slash connecting way to the MRT. Interesting to saw how they took attention the small detail and how they dont let any space wasted. 

Indonesia could learn for that. And Singapore, they gotta learn how to speak, indeed.

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