(2) Sentosa Island

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October, 14th 2012

So this is the magical land which i told you before. A complete ammunition to makes us having so much fun ! This place split into four part, there're Imbiah Lookout, Siloso Point, Beaches and Resort World Sentosa. Every each of that part have so many attraction which was so tempting, at least for me. hehehe

We used Sentosa Express to reach this island. It costed 3,5 SGD for two ways. I gotta say that the view along the way was super beautiful ! Check it your self :D

Sentosa Island - Singapore

There's no enterace fee to visit this place. We're free to enjoy this magical land, so much thank you from a poor traveller like me. Hehehe

There're three station in this island, which is Waterfront Station, Imbiah Station and Beach Station. Our first stop was..Beach station. We went to see the location of Song of the Sea. The show that we gonna saw later. And...this place was really really really beautiful. So well decorated, clean and...amazingly wow.

Beach Station - Sentosa Island, Singapore

iFLY Singapore
This iFLY really got my attention. Its an Indoor Skydiving which in this place, the dream of so many humanbeing to fly could possibly fulfilled. We can fly ! With no wings, no baloons, no..rrr, with almost nothing  ! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH ! I really want to try this, but yaaa...maybe someday. *Sigh*

Finished with the beach side, we continued our journey to the Imbiah Area. In this place, there're a lot of prestigious restaurant and bar. Everytime we saw those place, we keep saying "maybe Bakrie's family could enjoy that.." hahaha

In this area, there's a mini Merlion which no way we would miss to take a picture with. There're also a pool of dream and the thinker sculpture. Got so many picture taken that day. Super yay :D

me and mini Merlion

The thinker
pukpuk the thinker :3

Pool of Dream

I dont believe in such a thing, but i did throwing some coins to the pool of dream for the sake of fun. Hahaha And well, after that, we went to the north and yay ! its another must to shoot place ! >_<

Universal Studio - Singapore

Okay, we didn't enter the universal studio. But since the globe was somewhere around us (blame the globe!), its not a sin right if we took some picture with it? hehe

another merlion

candy heaven !!
hungry Puji hehe

God, i had so much fun back then. Candylicious was heavenly, i want everything in it. Those play around the splash with Puji was also full of laugh. So childish i know, but i really couldn't help it. Though people watching what we did, i just...didn't care. hehe 

The fun still continued..i'll share it on the next post. And until then, let me say goodnight people ! :)

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