(2) Eat n' Eat

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October, 14th 2012

Its lunch time. Since we couldn't afford anything in Marina Bay Sands, we went to Station Paya Lebar and found this food court. And i just noticed that in Singapore..every food stall inspected and controlled by the authorized. They hang the grade of cleanliness in a place where the customer could see. I wonder if Indonesia did that too..what grade would the warteg get? :p


We ate nasi lemak back then. Ah, i remember what my mother said when she look at the picture below "you went around Singapore and eat that? Poor you my daughter.." Hahaha, but its actually taste good. The sambal taste a bit like sambal terasi and the portion was glut enough. It cost only 2,2 SGD ! hehe

After eating we were clueless on where we gotta go. Thats why we're randomly choose a station to somehow enjoy the ride and fall asleep. So sleepy ! 

Then we ended up in this place named we-dont-know. After Harvin bought a Singapore simcard, we went to get some drink. At this point my handphone was already broken, such a good timing i know -___-

Thats where we met this Indonesian lady, she's form east java. Im sorry i forgot her name :( 

From her we knew where to buy a bus ticket from Singapore to Malaysia. It on the plaza next to that place. It cost 23 SGD. Thank you mbak'e :)

Air Mata Kucing

Once i heard that if we went to Singapore, dont forget to try Air Mata Kucing. I found it in this place, along with a beverage name Bandung. Air Mata Kucing was like a lychee ice tea while Bandung was like a cocopandan with milk. Each cost 1,5 SGD.

We went to a minimarket and when we're about to pay, we saw this in the cashier. Super wow to see the threat of smoking shown clearly on every package of cigarette. Cool~

Melissa's apartment
Since Melissa finally received our text, we finally met her and went to her apartment which was soooooo cool !

She told us where to go and how to get there. We even left some of our belonging in her room. Such a kind girl wasn't she? :)

She took a major in design. She told us her final tasks and how to be an Indonesian student in Singapore. She waw me when she said how much she paid for a year rental of this apartment. I could buy a house in Sukabumi instead !

Melissa and Harvin
Melissa, me, and Puji

A lil clue, my next destination got something to do with...a land where everything feels magical. Gonna tell you soon ! :D

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