(2) Bugis Street

6:27:00 PM

October, 14th 2012

From Sentosa Island we went to Bugis Street to had a dinner. Why? Obvious reason, we couldn't afford the food at Sentosa Island which was so expensive. Poor traveller, remember? hehe

Bugis Street - Singapore

Bugis Street famously known as a cheap market. If you intended to buy something as a gift, this place is the perfect place to go. Not only souvenir, they also sell other thing such clothes, bags, shoes and food. From the first time i visited this place, i saw so many juice seller in this place. And its only 1 SGD. Yummeh ! :9

In the back of the market, there's a food court. Since its kind a late, some of them was already closed. I took several turn to finally found something halal to buy. Alhamdulillah, because i was wearing veil, the seller notice me as a moeslem and keep telling me whether their food was not halal. I wonder if didn't wear my veil, i probably eat haram food. Such an experience :')

Finally, me and Harvin ended up in this tall names Soon Soon Heng. I ordered fried fish dumpling hor fun and Fried fish dumpling for my dinner. It costed 4 and 2 SGD. The hor fun taste a lil weird, not really my favorite but i ate it all anyway. But the dumpling tasted delicious. Hehe

Harvin's dinner - I forgot the name
Fried Fish Dumpling Hor Fun

After eating, we went straight to the Airport. No no no..we're going home yet. Well...I'll tell you on the next post. hehehe

See youuuuuuuuuuu~

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