(3) Merlion Park

10:50:00 PM

October, 15th 2012

Warning, this post contained so many narcissism attitude. hahaha

We're in Melrlion this time, the icon of Singapore. This Merlion Park located in One Fullerton. Cant say that we've been in Singapore if we never touchdown this place, thst what people said. You agree? Cause i do. hehe

Merlion - Singapore

radar neptunus in Merlion !
Its in the middle of the day. So shiny and hot. Sunblock really useful that day. Oh, we met so many Japanese tourist. A lil kid below was ultra cute ! >_<

Beside the heat shoot, the lack of sleep cause us really not on our best mood. After taking picture, we just sat there and watched people come and go. I saw so many happy family and couple. Somehow, i miss my parents :')

with the lil merlion

That might be the most...unhappy moment on our trip. Note you me and to all of you who's gonna go on a vacation. Do not underestimate the power of sleeping. We need energy to have fun you know ! :D

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