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October, 15th 2012

We're on the bus when i saw this while building. The words "Wedding Dress" really got my attention and thank God, so did Puji ! Then both of us begged Harvin to stopped on the next shelter and walked to this building. It was so shinny and hot but Harvin cant stop two girls from being crazy about white dress. I guess he had no other option but to followed us. hahaha

National Museum of Singapore - Singapore

comment card :D
The ticket cost 11 SGD for foreigner and 6 SGD Singapore residence. They said, the dresses and everthing else was brought there all along from Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 36 Wedding Dress, eight bridegroom attires and 43 accessories like lingerie, gloves, bags and shoes displayed for us to see. Yuhuhu~

They gave us a guide with no extra charge. And this lady really love and understand about wedding dress. From her i know a lot of story about every dress displayed.

Left : white cotton block printed,  London 1840
Right : silk satin dress, 1841
Silk-satin, trimmed with Honiton applique lace,
machine net and bobbin lace, hand sewn (1985)

ivory figured silk with second evening bodice,
England 1857

So, The Wedding Dress,- 200 years of wedding fashion was devided into eight sections which is..

1. Creating Tradition ( 1800 - 1840 )
Before the 1800s, white wasn't the predominant colour of brides. Gold and Silver was the colour of the rich while the other preffered coloured dress. In the 1800s, white was the choice for wealthy brides and most women especially the low income earners wore coloired fabrics. Why? Because they could wear their dress again after their wedding day if the choose the coloured dress. White become the dominant colour for wedding dress when Queen Victoria wore white dress when she married Prince Albert in 1840.

silk gauze and lace bodice, skirt, satin sash, collar,
cape and silk fragment (1872-1874)
Embroided silk dress by Charles Frederick Worth
Worn by Clara Mathews for her marriage to Colonel Hugh Stafford
on 19 February 1880 in London

2. The Victorian Bride and Bridegroom (1837 - 1901)
White Bridal garment transitioned from fashionable to traditional and the bridegroom outfit become darker and more standarised. Women brought they fabric for their wedding dress from Liberties, a populer department store in 1875.

Galdman Womack, London 1885 
Satin with skirt and train, Liberty & Co. Ltd, 1905
3. Artistic Styles (1900 - 1930s)
Women sought to create a distinctive identity from other women. Designers such as Norman Hartnell as well as couture houses in London was flourishing.

Aida Woolf , 1914
Left and Center : Liberty & Co.Ltd 1928, two side dress
made for Marian Hazel Lasenby
Right : Unknown 1927
Lucile. 1913
Charles James, 1934
4. The Society Wedding (1930)
Weddings in Britain's high society after the First World War had much media attention in the form of photographs and gossip columns.

Normam Hartnell, London, 1933. Using by Margaret Whighamto
for her marriage to Charles Sweeny

Unknown , 1938
Left :Ian & Marcel, 1989
Right : Deborah Miner, 1998

5. From Austerity to the 'New Look' (1939 - 1951)
The Second World War shortages and dress fabric became strictly rationed. Resourceful brides turned materials such as upholstery or curtains for their wedding dresses.

Left : Bellville Sassoon, 1968
Right : John Bates, 1966
Jacques Heim, 1963
Right : Richard Calwey, 1970-1971
Left : Ossie Clark 
left: silk chiffon dress by Zandra Rhodes, London 1976
Right : Jean Muir, 1969
6. Innovation and Individuality (1950s - 1970s)
Quality ready-to-wear clothing competed with the high fashion market in the post war years. A niche group of young designers catered to the tastes of youthful consumers who preferred unique pieces.

Norman Hartnell, England 1951
Ella Dolling , London 1941
Vera Wang

7. Nostalgia, Romance and the Modern (1970s - early 2000s)
Revival of historical styles and the return of the more fashion-focused gowns.

Christian Lacroix. 1993
Vivienne Westwood, 2005
Gwen Stefani's wedding dress

8.  The Celebrity Wedding (1990s - 2000s)
Brides in this period spend more lavishly on their dress and wedding celebrations with the wide media coverage of celebrity weddings.

Okay, i had to admit that most of the visitor was...women. And they were so nice, we're together in "wow" and "wah" everytime we saw a dress. Oh, Harvin was finally entered this museum and for free ! It turns out that..with showing our student card, we could enjoy this exhibition without any charge. Fufufu~

My choice :*
Puji's Favorite

During the tour, Puji was almost fainted. She couldn't handle our lack of sleep. :(

By the way, besides dresses..there's also a mini cinema showed some monumental wedding. I saw Princess Diana and Kate wedding video. Well just like most people do..i really wish the two of those beautiful women will have a different ending in love. 

Woaaaah, im so happy that i was in Singapore when this Exhibition held. I love wedding dress, white gown and everything related. As much as i love white kebaya, i still want to someday wear the white gown like that. hahaha

Okay, I'll see you on the next post :D

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