(4) Petailing Street

7:35:00 PM

October, 16th 2012

Its our 4th days of the journey and that day was the first time we met a bed. Since we're so tired and in an urgent need of some sleep, we sacrifice some hour for a short nap. But, its not that short since we woke up at 8 pm. Hahaha We're that tired until we slept like a dead ! :p

So after took a bath, we went around our hostel and ended up in Petailing Street. Dinner First baby, we're starving !

Petailing Food Court - Malaysia

There're so mant food stall to choose, but since i was a li bit worry. I chose the one who put Halal in their tagline. hehe

I ordered Naan Bread and Tandoori Chicken. The seller was so friendly and they're muslim. Oh, one of the waitress is Indonesian ! Wooow. What a talk. And here are my dinner...

Tandoori Chicken
Naan Bread

Naan Bread taste quite similar with Roti Canai but, its thicker. Even the curry taste the same. And Tandoori Chicken was great. Though it was red, but its not so spicy. Yummeeeeeeh~

Puji's dinner

Okay, i ate a lot. Hahaha But who cares? Iwas on vacation ! Diet can wait hehehe :p

After eating, we went around to buy some souvenir. Super yay ! I found what i need in a good price. So much for bidding. hahaha By the way, picture below could show you how Petailing Street look like at night. Enjoy ! :)

Hello Kitty Stall

Wohooooo...cant wait to tell you about tomorrow's trip. See you ! :*

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