Making Hijab Tutorial

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November, 1st 2012

Today we're going to Teh Yuli's house in order to made a tutorial hijab. So Exciting !

I was going to be a camera-girl (somehow the word 'Photographer' feel too good for me :p) like always. But since we need more model, so i became one. So amazing to see the result of Teh Yuli's hand, her make looks good ! :3

on progress
result :3

So here are the tutorial, hope it useful hehehe

Tutorial Number 1
1. put your hijab and make it the same length on both side
2. then cross it
3.  take the edge to the back of your neck
4. tie it
5. put a pin at the top of your head
Finished :D

Tutorial Number 2
1. put your hijab and make one edge shorter than the other one
2. take the long edge from behind to the side of the short one
3. pin the short edge and make a curve
4. take the long edge and pin it  near your ear
Take the rest of long edge to the back, circle it and pin it 
Finished :3

Tutorial Number 3
1. put your hijab on and make one edge shorter than the other one
2. take the long edge to the other side, and make it under the short edge
3. circle the long edge to the top, and let the rest hanging on the other side
4. take the short edge the other side to cover your body
4. pin it
5. finished hehehe

Okay thats the tuturial we made. Its a simple one because our theme is "One Minute Hijab Style", Hope you like it !

Teh Siti and Me
Teh Lina and me
Teh Siti, me and Teh Lina

So thank you so much for Teh Yuli...for the food, the drink the make up and the house. a very nice of you. Cupcupcup :*

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