To Sukabumi We Go

11:54:00 AM

October, 18th- 20th 2012

Okay, the former plan was...Atang picked me up at the airport, drove me home, and he got back to his house. But since he was (so) late (here i write it so you could read, lol),  we went to our college to pick up our friend. Fortune with us, Dessy, Hesna, Refday and Gede agreed to came with us. hehehe

I was sleeping in most of our journey, yaaa..i was so tired. On our way, we stopped at Cicurug so i could buy martabak telor and they ate pecel lele. We stayed at my house in Sukaraja. Kinda cold place, but they survive tho :p

SMA Negeri 3 Sukabumi - My Highschool :p
Cafe Qta-qta

In the morning, i planned on taking them to my highschool so they could taste Om Bia's food. But it was closed. hiks :(  So they just bought some snack outside. By the way, my highschool was on a buildung process. Even when it was in a work in progress, some of place that used to be my hang out place was already gone. T__T

Time for breakfast ! I brought them all to Lapang Merdeka. We're having ketupat sayur for breakfast. hehehe Glad that they like it. Even Gede said it was the most delicious kupat sayur. ahahaha

I know the seller since long time ago, and she's happy because i brought my friend. But unlike us, she didn't really like to be shoot. So, its candid then ahahaha

Refday, Hesna, Dessy and Gede
my hand ! hihi
again, narcism photographer :p
I just love this picture !
Ketupat Sayur Gor Sukabumi

In the end she agreed to took a picture together with one condition, i have to print it and give it to her. hehe

When the boys Salat Jumat, i drove Atang's car to a cellular shop. My phone really need to be serviced. Its been 5 days without phone. Thought it felt so peacefully, i guess i will need it sometimes soon. :p

After that, we went back home, prepare our self and get ready for some water sport ! Yay !

Its a lil raining when we arrived at Arus Liar, but the instructor reassure us that it was safe. Even better, the water was rapids so i became more fun ! ehehe

We're all in one boat with one guide. There're an office outing when we went to the river. But Alhamdulillah, they were nice. We even played some splash with them hahaha

Since my father didn't came with us, and since we were so exciting and eager for some adrenaline rush. The instructor bring us to a hard way which to me was so good ! We scream laugh and asking for more. And when we got a chance to swam, none of us wanted it to be over until we became the last one to get in the boat again. The guide said, we're not allowed to explore the river alone. So we need to stay with that office group. fufu~

Before we finished, i was overly excited with Mamih and both of us felt down. But its not scary at all since we know how to do (they told us before :p). Even, we laugh and refused to be picked up. haha

After some dawegan time, we get back to the starting point with an offroad-like road. The boys even walked  because they gave the seat for some older officer. Nice boy :D  Finished eating, we went back to my house, cleaned up and got some rest. 

They left in the morning after we had some breakfast in Ganis's food place. My father took me there and brought me to Bandung. Rrrr..stay with me my body. Rest could wait, lets shopping for happier mind ! lol. :p

Picture taken by Atang Darmawan and Arus Liar Team

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