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10:17:00 AM

October, 16th 2012

Good Morning Kuala Lumpur !

Like what happen in Singapore, we arrived around 3 am. Such a cold and quite morning. Since shelter didn't really a good place for us to wait, we ended up in a small restaurant which Alhamdulillah opened that early. After some hot Milo and some alternately sleep in chairs. We headed to Jalan Hang Kasturi to find a place named...Fern Loft. Its a place where we gonna stay, by the way. 

Restoran Zhing Kong - Malaysia

After we got the room, we went around for some breakfast. And here we were...

Its like a mini food court, we saw some traveller there and i feel like wrong-dressed. People who stay in Fern Loft really was a backpacker and i was there with my flat shoes and handbag. hahaha

The three of us ordered the same chicken rice. Taste yummy and guilt. Since its a chinese restaurant, i didnlt forget to asked whether its halal or not. Well, she said its halal. Thats why we ate that, hehe. And since i lost the bill, I cant tell you the price, im sorry. :(


After breakfast we headed to Carel's dorm again. Our suitcase was there, remember? hehe
Josephine were there when we arrived. While we re-pack our stuff, Josephine and Carel help us to find another place to visit. 

the cute Josephine

Have i told you before?
Carel took Music Scooring for his study, and his specialty is Violin. I was amazed when i saw so many violin under his bed. And by any luck, Carel agree to play in front of us ! Yippy. hehe

Its all because of Harvin, he play a Once soundtrack which he though was so 'galau'. I know that song because Once is one of my favorite and until now, i still keep the soundtrack in my playlist. When 'Falling Slowly' played, i tell Carel that its my favorite song and...he played it. Even though it was the first time he heard the song, he played it soooooooo good. I drop my jaw. Watch it your self, hehe

And, Carel asked me to play and all i can did was "twinkle twinkle little star" hahaha. He also taught me some technique and encourage me to learn and play more. Such a nice guy :)

Well..gonna tell you soon about our next trip. See youuuu :))

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