(6) Get Back Home

8:42:00 PM

October, 18th 2012

Its was Puji's Idea to wore dress on our last day. Well we did bring some formal clothes because we plan on experienced a theater before. Since it didn't happen why not used it on the airport? hahaha

The weather was good that day. What makes me happy, beside the coming back home feeling, was the cloud which so beautiful up there. I had plenty picture of it. Let me share some. hihi

Good news ! Our luggage didn't over limit. I was so worried because well..i bought a lot and most of them was heavy. But Thank God, Alhamdulillah we didn't have to pay more. :D

I didn't know why, but i cant sleep. The cloud was too good to be passed. So to kill time, beside watching the cloud, i......did some narcissistic action. I took a lot some picture of my self ! hahaha

Please be kind to me with not saying that i was that "zzzzzz" ...hahahaha

Jakarta's Cloud

Its a heart breaking moment to saw Jakarta/Tangerang from up there. Green was abiut to dissapear :(

Anyway the flight was safe and comfy, Alhamdulillah. While Harvin get home by bus, me and Puji ate Bakmi GM as we wait for our pick up. Met some Japanese there and thery were so  nice. They said they love Indonesian food. Even the man oredered the bakso again. hahaha

We went to Jco and not so long after it, Puji's mother came. And Atang still no where to be found. Since my phone broke, i text him via Puji's phone. Said that i was in Jco and would be waiting there so he would be easy to find me. 

But like always. Atang and his late-ness. He came around 4 pm even though i was landing at 12.00. Zzzzz~ But thanks to him, i met this awesome man. I forgot his name, but i remember his story. From a newspaper seller until now he become an owner of so many villa in Bali, his life story really wow me. He even show me his family picture and invite me to his house whenever im in Bali. Since my phone's broke. i write his Pin in the paper. And i lost it somewhere. :(

His driver and Atang came at the same time. So, after some say goodbye, its time for me to make Atang's day noisy as i babling about my trip. hihihi

Our journey continue in the next post. Sayonaraaaaa~

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