(5) Central Market

8:13:00 PM

October, 17th 2012 

Since Puji was so curious in some tatoo artist in central market around our hostel, right after we arrived from Genting Island we went straight to Central Market to fulfilled Puji's wish. Watch out we got a girl in...clover tatoo ! haha

result :3

If only im allowed to make one, i would want one for my back. fufufu~  By the way we went around Central Market and found this chocolate shop. Yummeeeeeh! I bought some for my family-me. hehehe

If Puji was curious about tatoo, i was so curious with Mr Bean's doll that i saw on our visit to Petailing Street some days ago. Lucky me, Puji and Harvin agreed to company me back to that place and bought it. Yay ! hihihihi

Flower seller in Petailing Street

And my eyes was hipnotize with those beautiful flowers. Aaaaaaaah~ Heavenly~~~

And, i bought other souvenir too. Okay, blame my cant-stand-cute-things. This was the last night of our trip. A lil lose control was forgivable right? Muehehehe :3

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