Best Friend's Graduation

7:46:00 PM

November, 21th 2012 

My cute bestfriend, Rengganis Siti Anisa was finally graduated ! As a very good yet cute friend, no way i would missed her important day. hihi

Since before i was accompanied my mom making her driving license and met Yopi there, i went to Ganis graduation day with him. We're high school friend you know :3

We met so many friends there, Reggy, Rubi, Eka, Costa, Shelly...woaaah, Sukabumi is really is a small city ! haha

Since it was raining and Ganis wanna go to a photo studio, we immadiately left Secapa and went to Imaji. It was so crowded even the road became stuck. 

We took some photo in front of Imaji, a finest photo studio in Sukabumi. But since ganis's turn still some hourse later, i couldn't took a picture with her inside. Got somewhere to go. :(

Before going home i went to Pecel Lele Lela with Yopi, and guess what? I met Ajeng ! My elementary friend  ! hihihihi

So congratulation to all of you. Now, we face a real world. Be Strong !:D

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