Iedul Adha

12:06:00 PM

October, 26th 2012

I know it is sooooo late. But here are some picture taken at our Iedul Adha celebration. :3 

We stayed at Sukaraja, after salat ied after silaturahmi with neighbor we went to Grandma's house for family time. Yippy !

Teh Oki, Wa Tati and Ate Un
Wa Haji, Ateu Neng, Wa Ida and Wa Ayah
Lala, Iye and Igit
Dede Rafa :*
Me, A Sandra and Teh Wida
Wa Tati and Wa Aji
Te Sateeeee~
Dede Apik and Tia
Wa Ayah
Gita, Tia, Iye and Ama
My beautiful sister and Dede Apik
A Sandra, Teh Wida, A Sendi and me

Always eat a lot when it comes to Lebaran. By the way Alhamdulillah my family was this close. Love it :*

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