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October, 16th 2012

Okay, this time i want to tell you about the place where i stayed in this last two days in Malaysia. Its, Fern Loft, a fine hostel with the tagline "where strangers become friends". 

Fern Loft - Malaysia

The location is at Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There're so many type of room we could choose here, but that time..i choose the cheapest one, RM 20/night. If you need more information about this place go click here.

first floor facilities

Yes, as you see above, the enterance of this hostel was really small and uphill. Aaaaaaand, i brought a heavy suitcase. Fufufu~ Thank God Carel was so kind for lending me a hand to brought those suitcase and bag upstairs. Thank you again, Carel :)

After we check in, each of us got a card that can be used to open the door to the room where we gonna sleep. In the first floor near the receptionist, there're a television and internet room. In this place, i met some foreigner and talk to them. Super nice. This place also help me when my phone was broke, the PC they provide was the only way for me to communicate with my parents and friend. I might say that the connection was so fast ! hehehe

Since i choose the cheapest one, i got the room with 20 persons in it. But, im totally fine with that. People was so nice and respectful. :)

On the uppermost, there's a mini ktchen plus dining room which to my opinion was so opened and cool. Here, every 7-11 o'clock they served us free breakfast. From coffee, tea, Milo (yay!), toast with so many choice-able jam and if you need to making something else, there're a stove and anything you need for cooking. 

In this place, we met so many person and exchanged our stories. We also got some travel advice from them. Oh ya...we're allowed to write in their wall. For the sake of fun, we did that ! haha

Since this place is so near with an India temple, every morning we could hear the sound of their prayer. Unique !

Afterall, i was so satisfy with this place, especially the people i met there !
The receptionist also very helping in giving direction or anything else. They even gave us a free map. hehehe So, if you want to take a cheap journey whether its in Singapore or Malaysia, you would love to visit this place. Totally recomended ! hehe

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