A Date With Two Cutie

12:29:00 PM

Actually i forgot the date. But its around this kind of time, so..forgive me please? :3

Well,  i had a huge crush on a girl in my college. She's a blogger too (here is her blog) , i knew her from her post, her tweet and from her achievement in college. Writting winner? Dancer? A girl cant be more complete right? Hmmh..i feel like close to her-or want to at that time. But until we're graduated we never make it to hang out together. 

So i felt like so lucky when we're finally made it that day. We met at Bintaro Plaza and she introduce her friend name Inong. After a while Inong need to met her friend first so its only me and Rizka. And we talk a lot. God, she's so nice ! Kind a person you would love to talk with :*

After Inong back we went to Sektor 1 to eat some Japanese food. I forgot the name of the restaurant, the name of the food and the price of it. So i just gonna tell you how happy i met this two girls. They're so....did i said it before? Nice. Why didn't i meet them sooner? :(

Me and Inong
Rizka and Me
We talk and laugh. What a warm afternoon. :)

By the way, the food was yummeh and cheap hehe Finished eating, Inong leave first while me and Rizka struggling for a taxi. I remember what we said that time "Milih taksi aja galau, apa lagi milih pasangan hidup?" hahahaha

She came with me to Dessy's dorm first and we went to Lebak Bulus together. She continue her journey to Arteri and me to Sukabumi. Though it was brief, im so thankful to have a chance to met you, Ka. And more thankful because we don't lose contact from that moment until now. Ah, Kaicaaaaa~~

P.S. Picture taken by Rizka Nugrahaeni 

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