(3) National Museum of Singapore

10:32:00 PM

October, 15th 2012

The building where The Wedding Dress exhibition took place was actually the National Museum of Singapore. So, not to waste that opportunity, i went to the Museum and..all i can say it...another WOW. 

We're free to enter this museum. There're no guide in this museum, why? because...each of us got this clever tablet. This is how it worked. Everytime we took a step, there're number. To hear the story or the explanation. We type the number in the Tab and voilaaa, we could hear from our headset everything we need to know. Cool isn't it?

The Nastional Museum of Singapore
From the tablet we're also guided to where we gotta move, to complete the sequence of history. In this museum we could choose the fast track or the detail one of our journey in knowing Singapore History. Its like a labyrinth. Without the Tab, you will feel lost. With the dark ambiance in every corner, you would want to stick with the tab. Believe me, i've tried it. ehehe

Me, Puji and Harvin was separated that day. And i feel extremely tired. The labyrinth kind a kill me. And i found no chair inside. Ahhhh~

I might say that..the collection of this museum was so complete. From prehistoric era until now, the story of Singapore really displayed in so many memorable thing. But since i was so tired, i didn't really remember the story. Well, if you need one, perhaps wikipedia will help you? ehehe :p

I was the first to leave the museum. After the other came, we just sit there to rest. Sooooo tired. By the way, we saw couple taking their pre wedding picture. With the white gown, prefect classic white building. I bet the picture would be so awesome. hehe

Gonna continue our journey to Orchard Road. Gonna tell you extra soon ! :*

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  1. keren juga museum nya, tiap kesana ngak perna kepikiran ketempat ini hehehe


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