(5) Ripley's Believe It or Not

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October, 17th 2012

When we're inside the mall, Carel told us about this place. He said, it's really worth the RM 22 enterance free. So after some discussion we're finally entered this kinda museum. 

Here come Ripley's Believe It or Not ! Since we're just walking around and i didn't took some note, i just can give you the picture and some short detail about it. hehe

Ripley's Believe it or not - Malaysia

world's most fattest woman
chair of truth
Moh Ali's boxing glove
fooling mirror
oldest beer
Cant believe what could she do with that weight. :(  
That chaor of truth was something. People back then use that chair to interrogate someone. They said, people who sit in that chair will speak nothing but truth. Oh that fooling mirror ! In the lcd below it, there's a clip about people who could move their tongue extraordirary-ly. Those mirror provide us to try doing that, without us know that, its a two ways miror. Behind that wall, people will laugh at action. Doh ! I've been fooled. hahaha

Fertility statues

They said, woman who touch the fertility statues will get pregnant some moment later. They play the proof of it in the screen. Well, i touch it. Its been four month and nothing happen. zzz~ hahaha

Carel dare us to opened that gate. Well, after some (long) time, we finally opened it ! All we got to do is..push the pillar and voilaaaa, its opened. hahaha

Vampire killing set. Edward, you better hide !

Picture below just.....made us, Puji and me, sad. Somehow it hurt us too watch and to imagine what kind of life they had. :(

chinese woman with small foot
look at her mouth !

warewolf girl

Wanna know the story of warewolf girl? Its a bit like the story of tarzan. She left out in a forest and live among wolf. When human found her, she brought to a city. But what happen next is...she cant leave without her former friend. And she died cause of loneliness. :"(

felt like alice hehe

Consist of golden shoe, makes this chair become luckiest chair in the world. Shoe = lucky. Gold = Lucky. Shoe + Gold = Super Lucky ! hahaha

VW covered with golden coin !

Here come the crazy pose ! hahahaha

Carel was right. It was soooooo fun ! Every piece wow me. Aaaaaah...uber cool !

multi image ~

me with tallest man on earth

i want a room like this in my future house !
This room confusing me~

Interestimg in this place and want to know more? Click here. Hoaaaaaah, fully paid off. You better visit this place if you're around hehehe

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