Hijab Class by Hijaber Sukabumi

7:33:00 PM

November, 18th 2012

So here comes the big day. All those preparation and hard work paid off today. From 62 muslimah girls who applied, 40 of it gathered in SD CBM Suryakencana that day. The rest could make it due to their personal reasom. But Alhamdulillah, its beyond our expectation. 

The class planned to start at 8 am but it really started around 10 am. Some girls were late so we had to postpone it from the plan we made. We began the class with Introduction. Our us, who we are, whats our vision and mision and to what and where we spent their registration money. As a treasurer, i talked to them my self about their money because i want them to know that we're really a non-profit organization.

After that we began the hijab class. Though the theme was "One minute Hijab Style" and we only provide 3 different style, they need a lot of time to master it. Lots of talking and giggling ! :p

A sandra - a volunteer photographer

Hope the picture could tell how the class was. By the way, it started to rain when we held a quiz. The quiz was, how to make a syar'i, tidy and pretty hijab. The girls was so creative til its hard for us to decided who's the winner !

SD CBM Suryakencana

We got a lot of sponsor for this event, we had 4 hijab from Bumi Geulis Hijab , 2 clothes and 1 hijab from Yrumi Store , lots of cute brooch from House of Rayya  , Teh Ines for the yummy rainbow cake, 2 hijab & accessories, brownies from Brownies Syahira ,  vegie pudding from Puding Sayur Cerian and  3 hijab from my small line named Sister Closet. Another thanks we sent to Radar Sukabumi  for writing about our event and Dua5 Photography for the documentation. 

The commitee
All of us
The article
So happy that the event run well. We met a lot of new friends here. hihihi Cant wait til the event yay ! :*   

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