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10:52:00 PM

November, 1st 2012

Had a lunch with my cute friend, Iam. Its been a while since i met her, so we had so many story to be told. Yay ! :*

I picked her up from her college and we went to d'green (as always haha). Iam ordered a food name...zzzzzz~ I forget :( and a yummy peach dessert while i ordered my favorit Pad Thai.

Pad Thai - d'green Sukabumi

I told her about my current situation and she told me hers. Somehow it reliefs me. While i told her about my trip, she told me about her experience at the hospital. Really, hearing what she said makes me wanna be rich. So i could help people. :'(

Iam the craziest girl i knew in highschool now talking about marriage. It wow me alot. She even told me her research about the perfect building to held a wedding celebration. Huwohuwohuwoooooo~

As you see above, we took a lot of picture. Not as crazy as we did back then but still, made us laugh. Thank you for meeting me yam..i pray for every plan, every dream and every wishes that you have. Hope happiness always be around you yam. Lets have lunch together again ! hihihi

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