(5) Genting Island

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October, 17th 2012

From the last tarin station we took a bus to reach this Genting Island. Such a long long journey. I sat next to Puji and talk all the way. From classmate, family, life goal, lover, and yaaa...anything at all. Such a nice partner. Until now, i still wondering why Puji is so nice to almost everyone? Like, she never angry at all. :')

Anyway...Genting Island is like Puncak. A high and cold place with fog everywhere. The different is..this Genting Island is build to be a one stop entertainment source. :3

So, on our first step, we choose to walk around the mall. hehehe

Right when we came, a magician just started a show. Though the trick was quite common, this magician was funny so yeah..worth to watch. I just surprised when he asked some money from the audience. I thought it was free ! lol :p

I did try to roll a coin on wishing well, but nothing happen. Not even a sound or a light. Huft *dissapointed* But i saw a clown and took a picture with him for free ! Yay ! hahahaha If you notice, there's a mini Eiffel in one my picture above. Ah, the area was in service so i couldn't took a nearer picture :(

We found a handmade festival when we walk around. Like always a cute yet personal handmade really took my attention. And the result, i want it all. fufufu~ But for that time, window shopping was all i could afford. hehe

Snowlworld - Genting Island, Malaysia

Not so far from the festival, we found a place where i was so eager to try. Snowworld. Yeah, since i never feel snow before, this imitation felt so tempting. But since Puji couldn't stand cold and Harvin didn't want to try. I gotta buried this want-to-try feeling, hiks :'(

We went to the top to saw a whole Genting Island from a cabel car. But (I guess i used 'but' alot in this post), the cabel car was in maintenance time. Haaaaa~~  So we just sitting there and listen to Carel's story. Carel told us about the theme park which a bit spooky because so many accident happen. Well, regardless to what you said Carel, from the very first time i reached this place, the word spooky was already hanging on my mind ! huhu

Oh, i couldn't help but giggling to saw so many people watching at Carel as he brought my peacock feather on this back. hihi

Casino de Genting - Malaysia

This Genting Island is so famous not because of the mall or the theme park, but because of the casino. Since (again) no one entered this place, we only took a picture in front of it. hahahaha

Genting Island - Malaysia
Hotel Highland - Malaysia
Outside time, Now i could show you the proof that Genting Island was cold and foggy and spooky. Somehow i question the master mind of this place. I feels unmatch, foggy place and those entertainment concept, for me at least. 

From Carel we knew that, there're no openable window in the Hotel Highland. Why? Because back then, when the window was openable..so many people doing suicide with threw himself from the window. Remember the casino? Some people who cant stand being loss, simply think that their life worth no more, and commit suicide. Ck..ck... this place was becoming more spooky~

Taman Tema Genting - Malaysia

This place was huge. But with Carel, we could experience most of the it spot in this place. Without him, we're probably lost. ahahaha

Nasi Kelabu

A minus point of this place was....its hard to find a mushola or mosque ! After a while we found it far from the mall. Its near the police station and the mushola was....not so comfort i might say. But, we found this interesting food on the police station's canteen. Its Nasi Kelabu. The rice wasn't taste so diffent. But the topping somehow remind me of Urap. Taste quite the same ! As a complement, we could choose chicken, fish or anything else. I choose chicken and taste ordinary. I like the otak-otak with asam manis sauce. Yummeh ! hihi

Genting Island - Malaysia
After salat and after some walking around we decided its enough and went to the bus station. Its getting colder as the rain started to fall. Freezing~   Remember to bring a thick jacket if you wanna go  to this place! hehehe

Thank you Genting Island, i was having fun there. Someday someday...perhaps we will meet again. hihihi cups :*

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