(3) Orchard Road

9:59:00 AM

October, 15th 2012

Another must-to-visit place in Singapore...Orchard Road !

Since we're so hungry and outside weather was so hot. We went straight to the building to got some lunch. I tried Chicken rice and it felt yummy :D

Iced Bandung

Harvin and Puji brough some baked rice. I didn't tried it cause i was busy with my own food. haha But i do tried Harvin's Iced Bandung. Really tasted like cocopandan with milk. Im so sorry i forgot the price :(

Now, its time to explore the famous Orchard Road !

Orchard Road - Singapore

I found the well-known ice cream seller in this Orchard Road. It only costed 1 SGD ! But taste...extra yummy ! hihi

Orchard's ice cream seller

As you see above. It had so many choice-able flavor. But my choice goes to Choco Chips in bread while Harvin goes to Strawberry in cookies. Yes, we could choose whether its covered in Bread or cookies. Yummeeeeeeeeh :3

We didn't really entered the mall cause yaaa, we're a poor traveller. No way we could afford things there, and we both agree that we better walk outside than doing some window-shopping. hahaha

Really enjoy the Orchard road that day, especially when its already afternoon. Such a perfect weather to take a walk. Its so clean, well-organized, yaaa you know, its Singapore. I saw a lot of fashionista, a bit ashamed to what i wore that day. hahaha

Didn't matter, we had a good time ! :D

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