(5) Batu Cave

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October, 17th 2012

Okay, like so many advice from breakfast's people and from Carel-Josephine..that day we went to Batu Cave. A place where i feel India is everywhere. :)

Batu Cave - Malaysia

First thing i saw when i reach this place was..that huge statue, the temple and the hill. Okay, temple first. Arrghhh, the stairs kinda made me sweaty ~

I saw Indian people pray, and it was so....peaceful. And the girl in sari was so beautiful and friendly. Somehow i remember Luhde in Perahu Kertas when i saw that girl. 

Enough with the temple, we went to the east and violaaa, photoshoot ! hahahaha

Okay, so basically this post contain 80 % picture and 20 % me babbling around. Hahaha, im so sorry. I was so excited in taking picture, so..i dont really took attention about the detail, history or anything about this site. But if you need that, perhaps wikipedia would help? :p

Look at Puji ! hahaha

Well, its starwaiy too........sweaty body. After the first stairway succeed in tiring me, world conspired to give me this more and more tiring stairway. Huft. Hahahaha But since Puji, Harvin and Carel was so funny, i really enjoy the walk. haha Too bad, Josephine had her PMS so she couldn't join us :(

While climbing, we saw a Dark Cave Tour on the left. Curiousity brought us there and it turned out that... we gotta pay extra money to enjoy it. Since we didn't really had much time, we didn't entered that cave. I remember Carel met his friend there, he volunteer as a tour guide. Ah, if only we had more time. :(

Inside the cave, there're a lot of souvenir seller. Tempting but, better buy it down there. Save my energy on the stairway. Hahaha 

Handsome Monkey
By the way, those monkey a lil frightening me. Thought they didn't disturb us, but sometime their move surprise me til i scream a lot. fufufufu~

monkey everywhere
dont say we're alike please? :p
We found another temple inside the cave. When i wanted to took some picture, the guru called us. After some chat he gave us free make up #eh hahaha. He was so nice, so happy to met and talk with him :)

Then, here comes Puji and Harvin crazy pose. hahaha

When we climb down, we met Indian family which was sooo friendly. We even took some picture together. But in every picture, their daughter always look at me. Hahaha, am i too weird for you lil girl? :3

me and puji being romantic

As you see before, there're so many pigeon down there. I remember what Carel said "You know cha? Why there're so many animal here and they seems not afraid to be around human? Because here..people keep them save. Here, people dont attack animal. Thats why animals here are tame" Wooow :O

Enough playing with the pigeon we went to Cave Villa, im got a henna in my hand ! hihihi My mom probably didn't like it since she doesn't like anything but pure skin. Forgive me mom, your daughter was in mood in trying anything new. ehehe

Totally in love with the result. The lady who made that was so beautiful, cant imagine hows beautiful she look like when she was young. hihihi  I bought some bird of paradise's fur in a very good price. I bet it will be a perfect home ornament. :D

Bye bye Batu Cave and everything in it. See yoon in another chance ! :)

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