Sayonara Party

9:27:00 PM

October, 6th 2012

Tik tok tik tok~
Time goes by and i couldn't believe that my time in STAN, was really coming to an end. This is the last two big event before i became a fresh graduated. Its a night for us, taxation student, to dance and to laugh.. With a theme "The Journey" and a dress code "Dress to Kill" let me present you..a Sayonara Party.

Rizal, me, Dimas, Sastri, Puji and Akbar
I went there with Mona and after being shoot on photo booth, i went around to took a picture or two with another friend. Such a night with big amount of blitz ! hehe

Me and My Daughter

Me and Bowr

Wahyu, Diaz, Ecol,  Deryl and Senvi
Ucok, me, Rerey and Togap
Then the show was finally began. First we got the singer which if im not mistaken..was Bagir and his friend. After that..we watched the movie that the organizer made special for us. Its a story about friendship, love and anything in between.

Bagir and his friend

While watching we could ate the food they prepared. Since i took the food too late, its was already run out of stock. hahaha By the way..the movie is quite good. Love it :)

The Winner

Prom Queen and Prom King of that night.

Just like another prom nite, this so called prom/farewell also had some award to be delivered. I forgot the list of the award and the winner but I could say that there's an award for the most hot couple (win by Reza-AW), award for the most exist, the smartest, lifetime award for the OB, a friendly old man which now i forgot the name :( , and of course prom queen and prom king (win by Lalat and Harvin). Congratulation for all of you ! :)

Now time for parteeeeeeeeeeeeh !!

Ten2five on Sayonara Party

Thank God i was on the right side of the crowded. Because my side consist of a very crazy people. Its Ten2Five, a galau band. But as you see, we could dance like crazy ! hahaha

But the night wasn't ended yet. After finish entertained by Ten2Five we went to STAN Fountain for some flying lantern. Every class got 1 lantern..we fly it with a hope that..the highest it flies...the highest us could be..the highest dream..the highest friendship. Okay, i might be a lil melancholy here. Haha was fun to make it flies. Also its beautiful to saw so many lantern on the night sky :* 

Though maybe i didn't know every person in taxation specialty, but i thank all of you for making my three years in STAN this amazing. Thank you for all your help though maybe i didn't even know you..from tentir, kisi-kisi, soal bahas, and other information shared. Ah, wish we could be here a lil bit longer. 

Ah, see all of you when the time comes. Hope everything's great be around you. Ammiiinn :")

Picture taken by so many person which im sorry if i miss to mention.
Thanks to Aji, Atang, Agung, Edwin, Panitia Sayonara Party, and others. :)

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