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October, 13th 2012

After finished with Roti Canai, we went to KLCC by Rapid KL, Malaysian Monorail. From Genting Klang we used a bus to reach the Rapid KL station, cost me RM 1. And the station..unlike in Indonesia, the station was clean and organized. And..in every station there's a ticket machine as you see below.

inside the Malaysia Bus
Rapid KL Ticket Machine

This machine provide us to bought our ticket with kind of self service and its touch screen ! We put our money and we chose the destination. After that the blue coin (plus the exchange of money) will come out. Thus we used the coin when we entered and when we're out from a Rapid KL station. Once i met someone who was cheating, he didn't buy a ticket for his true destination, he bought a cheaper ticket by selecting a nearer station from his starting station. The result? The officer took him away. 

By the way, the Rapid KL ticket to KLCC cost me RM 1.

We went around this Suria KLCC, Its a huge mall below Petronas where you can found everything that you need.  Oh i found a chocolate shop there. So tempting. And, i want everything !

Milo Ice Cream !!!
Since tonight we went Singapore, we exchanged our money in a money exchange service inside the mall.. I saw so many India, Chinese and Melayu when i was there. Their Singlish started to confused me. zzz~

at Suria KLCC

Puji, Harvin, me and Josephine
After salat and after 'pusing-pusing' inside, we went outside for the Petromas picture ! Harvin with his craziness ask us to make a jumping picture, and...i did it ! hahaha 

There's a pool in front of this building, and it was huge and beautiful. There're so many people spending their evening in this place. No wonder, it felt calming. :)
Petronas Tower - Malaysia

And thats the proof that we've been in Malaysia. We had a picture of us in front of Petnonas Tower! Hahaha, Its our inside joke, by the way. :p

After enough Petronas-ing, we went to the park around that place. Its soo...clean ! There's also free swimming pool and playground for children. I just amazed how good the living quality in this place. The elderly could walk around the park, the younger could jog, a lil children could swim and play, and it was in the middle of the town ! Why cant Indonesia be like this?

I really want to try drinking from an outside sink, yaa..just like in the movie. And i tried it in this park! I though it would feel refreshing, but to me..its like drinking the swimming pool water, so much kaporit. To be true, the bottle of mineral water sold in Malaysia taste a bit weird too, a bit kaporit-like. I miss Indonesia for this. huhu

There's a 'Setan' in the corner. haha

After that we went to Bukit Bintang for some window shopping. Yap, its a mall. And i cant wait to tell you about it ! hihihi

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