A lil late dinner..

11:46:00 PM

September, 29th 2012

Went out with besties, Ah too bad Agung was in Jogjakarta. It feels uncompleted :(

Before ended up in Mcd, we went to Bintaro Festival first. I though it would be cool and crowded. But it was....zzz. Those ticket price Rp10.000,00 feels like a waste. But we did met some friend there..Efwin, Iwan and their friend which i forget the name. So yaah, not so wasted :p 

Those picture above is Aji's nothing-to-do-result. Hahaha
We talked and talked with so many topic. Oh ! I met Hamdi in Mcd. It turns out that he watched the football match together with his friend. Hahaha So funny to saw his disappointed face as the team he like lose the match :p 

I slept in Hesna's place and of course continuing the talk until we felt a sleep. Ah, such a good night, indeed. :)

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