Dadong Iga Bakar

11:57:00 AM

Oktober, 1st 2012

A night out with my sister and dad. After several stop by, we ended in this new restaurant called Dadong. Its a small restaurant, but again..i love the decoration since its wood. wood everywhere~ hehe

Dadong Iga Bakar

Since the specialty of this restaurant is ribs, so we ordered Panghegar (Paket hemat iga bakar) barbecue flavour for Rp27.000,00 and Mie tek-tek Iga for...i forget, about Rp20.000,00. ehehe

Panghegar Barbecue by Dadong
Mie Tek-Tek Iga by Dadong

And its delicious and every menu came in a big portion. Super yay ! hehehe
Its on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Sukabumi, near RNY computer or Simastel. If you wanna visit this place, just do. You wont regret. :D

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