THE 2021.

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Sorry for the long absence. I don't know why I don't feel like sharing my life lately, but since the annual post is a must, I will try to remember and write my 2021. 

My 2021 was opened with shocking news. I was on my way to my parent's house when a family called me about her dad, who went to my parent's house even though he hadn't received his swab result. Turn out her mother was in ICU because of COVID. I panicked and asked my family, who were in contact with him, to do self-quarantine and get swabbed in the next 5 days. I was soooo sad, not only because I didn't get to celebrate the new year with my family, but I was worried about whether they were infected or not, and also because my Aunt passed away. What a way to open the new year :((

This year I learned a lot. Like A LOT!

I listened to podcasts with various topics every day (as well as watching movies, but I don't know whether it classified as learning or not, haha !), I joined the Stellar Woman Excellator Program, I came to so many webinars free or paid, read more books, learned french in Duolingo for a year and learned English better because of EF and VOTES Indonesia. I joined VOTES as a partner, then took several role takers like a moderator and speaker; after that, I got an opportunity to be a facilitator, then VOTES Camp, and now the VOTES scholarship (for IELTS prediction test, the real scholarship, hopefully soon !). The latter is my safe place; I can be open and say what I want without judgment. I found a family there, indeed. 

Oh, I almost forgot! Me, Rizka, Kalina, Cipe, and Ajeng also had a zoom meeting 3 times a week to prepare for the IELTS Speaking test. It was so much fun! And we're more than happy to know Cipe got her scholarship and is already in London now, and Kaline was granted LPDP Scholarship and currently pursuing her dream college. 

I hope 2022 will be my dream come true year, Amin. Come to think of it..2020 was the year I wasn't afraid to dream again, and 2021 was the year I planned my dream. I can't thank God enough for sending me so much help and partnership along the way. acal

In February, I renovated my house and decided to go back to my parent's house. But we got carried away and moved back after Ied, hahaha. I got my shots in March husband in April. From January to September, I didn't even eat outside. I was really freaking out with this COVID thing and didn't allow myself to relax just a bit. 

My helper, Bi Minar, was also pregnant, so we took turns caring for Keenan. Thank God we still had our WFH to survive without her. 


Gosh, I'm continuing this on December 2022. That how long I didn't open this blog T_T


Ok, I decided to dye my hair! It was a spontaneous act at home during the lockdown, but I loved it. I also registered myself as an eye donor at Lions eyes Bank Jakarta. If you wish to do the same, check their Instagram here. 

Eid this year was the first time I intentionally sent hampers to my friends. It's because of the pandemic, I guess. Not being able to see them in person, I chose to send my love through a package. I decided to send something sweet this year, but I am thinking about something fun for next year.

And we're finally able to celebrate a bit of normal Eid. With ketupat and everything in Sukabumi. But we still couldn't meet another family and couldn't go to Jogja. Anyway, the sad moment started in May. My family was infected by covid; my mom even went to the hospital. It was very traumatic. I was torn between going to their place and handling everything or staying home and protecting my son. In the end, I saw the latter was better. My son had no shoot, so it was riskier for him. But every day and night felt like hell. Thankfully we're okay; we're even celebrating 17 Agustus with games at home. Fun!

I lost three seniors this year. My head office, Pak Susan, moved to Bogor. He was a leader, not a boss. We learned a lot working under his command, and being his secretary even for a year was my honor. Hope to see you back soon! We're also lost Pak Wawa dan Pak Dadi; both were very kind people who hold a special place in our hearts. I believe you're in heaven for every deed that you did. aminnn

This year, we decided to bring Keenan back to school. Not only because the homeschool teacher (Miss Riska) moved to Bandung, but we're finally ready to handle the online class. Keenan was more mature and cooperative, so hopefully no drama.

In October, my husband was placed to work in Waingapu, Sumba. It was very far, and I cried like...A LOT. Long-distance marriage was hard, I needed all support I could get, so I moved back to my parent's house, triggering them to also moved to their retirement house. So in total, I moved twice this year! We're also renting our house to my colleague, so it was another sad moment because it was our comfort zone. Everything was changing, and we were adjusting, but it took time for it not to sting anymore. 

My husband came home in November, and we decided to go to Jogja by car. Keenan also started his swimming lesson, and I started joining Kemenkeu Mengajar and preparing for the IELTS test. Life goes on even when it's hard. Perhaps we choose to bury ourselves in lots of activities because, once again, we're afraid to be idle and feel our hearts. 

Come whats may 2022. I-We will be stronger!

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